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How to fix a broken compact

You’ve lost it, dropped it, smashed it and crashed it. Not a hard thing to do with those butter fingers of yours. As you stare at the ground in disbelief, slowly shaking your head at yourself, you can’t help but think what a waste of money that was.

That’s right ladies, I’m talking about the ole’ 1, 2, 3 fumble and crumble of your coveted (and pricey) compacts!

While it’s great that your favorite bronzer or cover-up comes in such a travel-sized case, it is easy to lose your grip and smash it on the ground. For such a tiny item, you are looking at $15-80 worth of damage easily. And if you break your compact right after buying it, you feel that sting of regret even more.

After haphazardly destroying several compacts myself, it was time to come up with a solution. More importantly, it was time to come up with a cheap solution. With that being said, follow along and learn to fix a broken compact in 6 easy-to-do steps!

To make this magic happen you will need the following items:

  • Your broken compact – duh!
  • 70% alcohol – Easily found at any art store and if possible, avoid using Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol
  • Plastic wrap
  • Eye liner brush
  • Makeup spatula
  • Liquid dropper

Once you have all your ingredients rounded up, the process is simple:

Step 1: Pick your broken compact up off the floor, open the lid and tightly bind plastic wrap over the crushed compact powder. Make sure it is securely wrapped to avoid another mess.

Step 2: Using your makeup spatula, smash the remaining powder until it is all loose. The more finely ground, the better.

Step 3: With the powder loose in your compact case, carefully remove the plastic wrap to expose your powder. Place about 8-10 drops of alcohol onto the powder with your dropper. To be safe, start with less alcohol and add more as needed.

Step 4: You will know you’ve added enough alcohol when your powder becomes a more malleable consistency. Using your makeup spatula, evenly spread your powder in the compact case.

Step 5: Using your eyeliner brush, spread out the powder evenly around the edges of the case. The goal here is to make your compact look like it did when you bought it.

Step 6: It may take a few hours depending on the size of your compact, but it will be worth the wait. Once your compact completely dries it will be as good as new and ready to use.

Worried that the alcohol will dry out your face? Don’t be! As your powder dries the alcohol is evaporated and best of all it won’t leave behind any nasty residue. As for the smell, it too will disappear, just give it a few solid hours.

The versatility of this DIY is what makes it so amazing. No longer will you shed a tear over pulverized powders – just use this restorative technique for all your busted compacts and enjoy this quick and easy makeover for your makeup!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

Lauren Stewart is a freelancer writer from Michigan. She enjoys writing about beauty, health and fitness! She is passionate about learning new ways to take control of her health and wellness and is a makeup and skincare junkie! You can contact her by emailing