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It’s prime time to get creative with your cosmetics

Maybe you just learned what primer is, or maybe you’ve been using it as a base for your makeup for years. Many women love the way primer evens out their skin, zaps oil and shine and makes a nice, smooth base for their foundation to glide onto, but there are other ways to use this makeup bag staple, too.

Now, get primed to look your best!

Primer as wrinkle cream?

You might already apply wrinkle cream at night to hydrate those fine lines, but when you’re in a pinch while doing your makeup, primer can double as a coverup for wrinkles. Just mix a dab of primer with concealer and dab onto the problem areas. Unlike straight concealer, primer has the power to fill in lines instead of clinging to the skin and creasing, making the wrinkles look worse than they really are. This mixture is also good for blemishes that need an extra dose of coverage.

Zap end-of-day oil

Even if you wear primer or BB cream under your makeup, you might still battle an oily T-zone at the end of the day. Blot some primer on this area after work so you’re fresh-faced for happy hour! You can also add this step to your morning makeup routine to prevent the oil slicks from developing during the day.

Make it a photo finish

Wearing primer underneath foundation is a good way to create a perfectly smooth, photo-finish look to your face once your makeup is all done. You can get the same effect on your decolletage by dabbing primer on this area – it will give it a dreamy, soft-focus effect. Mixing primer with your foundation is a good way to get a super-matte finish to your face, too.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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