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Power-dos: Suiting up your hair for an interview

In nature, fall is generally a time of endings, but in the business world, fall tends to be a time of beginnings. With the academic starting, schools are hiring teachers and many business professionals are prepping for fall interviews. Even if you’re just interviewing for some seasonal retail work, your appearance is a crucial element of success. But how is one to look powerful, professional, stylish and smart all at once? It all starts at the blow dryer.

The power down-do

If you want to wear your hair down, you have a few options. A blowout looks great with a deep side-part or with loose waves along the bottom, but for a seriously powerful look, try teasing the top and spraying so the pieces on the top are pulled back and stay in place. This is like the power suit of hairstyles, making you look taller and more in control. Curly hair can also look professional down, just make sure it stays out of your face during the interview!

Remember, when you wear your hair down during interviews, NEVER touch it! If it’s too tempting, read on for some perfect interview updos.

Professionally pulled back

A petite, dainty bun is probably the quintessential interview hairstyle, but it’s not the only one. A chignon or bun will keep your hair out of your face, but be careful, since it can come off as uptight-looking. Add hair accessories like a headband or loosen the bun a bit to add a splash of personality (and perhaps stand out from the other bunned interviewees!)

Another option is a low ponytail. This style looks great on long, wavy hair, but can look lovely on straight locks, too. Because ponytails have a reputation of being a laid-back, casual hair style, make sure your pony looks finished. This means covering the elastic (just wrap a piece of hair around it and pin!) and spritzing with hairspray to keep everything in place.

Generally, it’s best to avoid any super-trendy hairstyle. It could be a turn off to a future employer if you look more like you’re ready to go to prom than get to work. Also, the simpler the better is true in most cases. Don’t wear anything fussy that will require you to touch, fix or primp between the time you leave your house and the time you walk out of the interview – you need to be ready for anything!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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