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Shape up your eyes – with eyeliner!

I love eyeliner. I love the way black and brown add definition to my eyes and make my lashes look thicker, and I love how metallic eyeliner and bright, bold hues like blue and green can add a fun pop of color to my eye makeup.

It comes as no surprise, then, that when I found out you can change the appearance of your eyes using eyeliner, I was all about it. Kind of like how contouring – using dark and light shades of makeup – can change the appearance of certain facial features, these eyeliner techniques essentially create an optical illusion, making your eyes appear more defined, more narrow, closer together or further apart. What are you looking for?

Define: Beautiful eyes
If you want your eyes to be the star of the show in your makeup palette, eyeliner should be your go-to. Pick a black or brown shade that is close in color to your eyelashes, and apply a thin line of it around your entire eye. Make sure the line is even in width throughout. You can smudge this line just a little bit for an easy smoky eye!

Achieving balance
For a vast majority of women, the upper eyelashes are darker, longer and thicker than those on the bottom eyelid. Applying mascara to your lower lashes helps, but you can better balance upper and lower by only applying eyeliner to your lower lashline. Keep the top eyeliner-less but apply mascara to both for an even, balanced look.

Open your eyes!
If your eyes are set close together on your face, you can visually extend and widen them using eyeliner. Apply the pencil or liquid eyeliner to the upper and lower lash lines, but start at the middle of the eye, applying none to the inner corners. You can make the outer corners thicker, too, to make the eyes look wider.

Narrowing your eyes
If your eyes are very wide set, you might try applying makeup in a way that makes them appear closer together. By adding darkness to the inner corners, you can make this happen. When you wear eyeliner, apply it only on the inner half of both the top and bottom lashline. You can extend it to the outer corners, too, but make sure it is ever-so-slightly thicker and darker on the inner corners.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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