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What are YOU hiding under that concealer?

Dark circles, scars, acne marks – why do you wear concealer? We all have something to hide, but if you’re wearing the wrong type of concealer, you might be drawing attention to your blemish, not camouflaging it. What kind of concealer you use really depends on what you’re covering up. Are you using the right product for the job?

If you are hiding acne or acne scars, you might want a yellow-based concealer to balance out the red tone of these. Cream-based concealer might be good for these types of blemishes, because they provide fuller coverage.

You will need a different concealer for under eye circles, though. Because these places tend to have gray or blue tones to them, your concealer should have a salmon undertone. This concealer should be relatively light, since a thick, creamy mascara can cling to crepey skin under the eyes and visually drag them down more. Get a concealer that also hydrates – this will “treat” the skin in this area, improving its tone.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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