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What to do when you go tweeze-crazy

You’re pluck-pluck-plucking away at at your brows to get rid of those stray hairs and get everything to blend into that perfect arch you see Olivia Wilde rocking in your magazine. When you step back to admire your tweezing job, all of a sudden you realize the caterpillars you started with have dwindled down to mere wisps of hair above your eyes!

This scenario has happened to the best of us, unfortunately. Maybe you didn’t go quite that far, or maybe your brow crisis occurred after a wax job or when you tried eyebrow threading that time. Whatever it was, these scenarios make us realize how important our eyebrows are to the overall look of our faces!

If you’re dealing with some eyebrow problems, there are some things you can do to conceal your tweezer missteps until they grow back.

Learn to love the pencil

Think you would never have to pencil in your eyebrows? Think again. Actually, learning this skill now might help you out even once your brows do grow back. Most makeup artists use some brow pencil on models to add color and shape to their brows – in fact, pretty much every model you see on TV or in magazines has her brows penciled in.

To avoid looking like Christina Aguilera circa 2003, make sure you choose pencil that is actually designed for eyebrows – i.e. NOT eyeliner. And especially not liquid eyeliner! Eyebrow pencils are designed to glide on smoothly and blend well. Make sure you apply the color in light, feathery strokes, and pencil in the entire brow – even if you’re only sparse in some places. This will give the whole brow a more uniform look.

Getting them back to tip top shape

In some cases, your brows may be sparse when they are combed straight across, but when you comb them a different way, they appear fuller. If you haven’t already, invest in a brow gel and brush. Brow gel usually comes with a little mascara wand that helps you brush the hairs up or any which way to make the entire brow appear open. The gel holds them in place so no one has to know your eyebrow faux pas!

Just don’t do it again…

Okay, we’ll let you get away with it this one time, but there are some simple eyebrow guidelines you can follow to prevent this mini disaster from occurring again.

•   Don’t tweeze too often. If you get your brows waxed or threaded, you know when it’s time to go back, but when its DIY, it’s easy to become tweezer-happy and pluck too often. You don’t need to tweeze every day or even every other day – plan a plucking session every three weeks instead. You’ll get to see how your brows naturally grow in to follow that shape in the future.

•   Don’t use a magnifying mirror. You may love being able to see each and every hair up close, but this can lead to over-plucking. Using a regular mirror may keep you from becoming obsessive. If you can’t see the hair in a normal mirror, then people can’t see it when they look at you.

•   Take it one hair at a time. Plucking a few hairs at a time may seem like it saves you time, but in the process it could really screw up your brow shape. Taking it one hair at a time makes it easier to understand where the hair is rooted and how it will affect the brow’s overall shape. If you’re pressed for time, save tweezing for later!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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