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Which oil is best for your hair type?

We all know that natural oils – that is, those greasies that develop at your roots when you don’t wash your hair – are good for your locks, which is why it’s important not to wash every single day. Brushing our your hair helps to spread these natural oils down the shaft, nourishing the hair from root to tip.

However, there are other oils you can use to nourish your strands, too. You might think heavy oil masks are only for women with super-thick or super-dry hair, but there is an oil for nearly all hair types. Incorporating one into your haircare regimen could improve the texture and shine of your hair and the comfort of your scalp.

Dry, brittle hair

If your hair really needs a little pick-me-up to get it glistening again, try avocado oil. The oil that comes from this fruit is great for hair that is dry and brittle because it is loaded with amino acids to fill crevices in your hair’s cuticles to make it stronger and less likely to become damaged again. Plus, this oil has vitamins A, D and E to nourish the scalp and feed follicles to help grow healthy hair,

Limp, fine hair

If your hair needs a boost at the roots or is getting thinner, rosemary oil might be your best bet. This oil works to stimulate hair follicles, and is also rich in iron, calcium and vitamin B, which means it has anti-aging properties and boosts color, shine and thickness while preventing further hair loss.

Wavy hair

If your hair is not quite curly but not quite straight, try conditioning with sweet almond oil. This has high contents of vitamins A, B and E, meaning it will heal split ends and improve circulation in the scalp to strengthen hair. Plus, like all oils, sweet almond oil will add shine and luster to your wavy locks.

Thick, coarse hair

Olive oil is one of the deepest conditioners of all time. Considered the “godmother” of hair oils. olive oil will deep condition each strand to improve its strength. Because it contains monounsaturated fat, using olive oil in your hair will eliminate dandruff. Its antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids also help improve the shine and elasticity of the hair. Because this is a heavier oil, its best for thick, coarse hair.

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Lauren Stewart
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