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Why is toner important?

You might have seen it as you’re browsing the skincare aisle, but still, after all these years, you don’t really know what toner is. These liquids are designed to be applied to your face after washing to remove extra makeup or oil, but they are also a great way to administer medication into your skin.

If your skin is super oily, toner is a great product to add into your skincare regimen. This step is a good way to get rid of extra oil after washing and keep it at bay longer. This step can also help if your skin is very acne prone. Toner removes bacterial and oil that can mix together to cause acne.

Because toner tends to remove oil, it might have a drying effect on skin that is not oily. Some people might stay away from toner because dry skin can lead to wrinkles, but today, toner is formulated not to be overly drying, and some even have anti-aging ingredients. For example, Hydroxatone’s Age-Defying Toner removes dirt and oil that might be trapped in your pores, allowing them to minimize, but it also has ingredients that keep skin hydrated and firm.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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