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5 Bad hairstyling habits to break this spring

It’s spring.  Time to redo and renew!  That’s right, this is the time of year to break those bad hairstyling habits we are all guilty of. There are simple fixes to each bad habit, so it should be easy as 1-2-3 to start your new year with new and improved hairstyling habits.


We’ve all done it, teased our hair to epic proportions to get our poofs looking voluminous. Well, Snooki gave up her big poof and so should you. Not only is teasing like hers a way of the past, it is seriously bad for your hair! The cuticle, or the outer most layer of your hair, points down the hair shaft, like shingles on a roof. When you tease your hair, you’re combing hard in the opposite direction of the cuticle, pushing it back, roughing it up, or breaking it off completely. The cuticle layer is between four to twelve layers deep, but once damaged or broken off, there is no product on the market that can replace it. And seeing that it’s the one element that protects the fragile inner layers of your hair, and gives it strength and shine, toning down the teasing is a good idea.

Brushing Wet Hair

You may be in a rush, but it is well worth taking a second or two to find your wide-toothed comb. Brushing wet hair is like the kiss of death to your sensitive strands. When hair is wet it stretches and is extra-prone to breakage. Apply a leave-in conditioner to gently towel-dried hair and use a wide-toothed comb starting at the bottom of your strands, working up.

Over Cleansing

Some people feel their hair isn’t clean unless they wash it every day. If you only break one habit this year, break this one! For most people, washing their hair daily is over-kill. It strips the hair of its natural oils, which keeps it healthy and moisturized. Try instead to shampoo your hair every second or third day. A hair rinse in the shower with an added scalp massage will lightly cleanse the scalp while adding moisture to the hair. If you really need a quick refresher, try a dry shampoo. It will give your roots a lift and add a bit of extra added texture to your hair.


Make this your year to go au-natural (or, at least do it more often.) Damaged, dull, dry hair, and a boat-load of split ends all result from the overuse of heat. If you are going for a smooth, straight look, start by blow-drying it smooth first, to reduce the amount of flat-iron needed. Use the lowest heat setting needed and resist swiping the iron more than once over any area, or you’ll fry your locks. If you can’t completely forgo flat-ironing or curling your hair, the least you can do is protect it! Heat protectant sprays and serums are essential when heat styling your hair to protect against breakage and split ends.

Overusing Products

Try not to go so heavy-handed next time you apply product to your hair. Instead of looking sleek and styled, the excessive product leaves your hair looking dull and limp. For those of you with shoulder-length hair, a nickel-sized amount of styling cream or gel is all you need. If you find your hair feeling extra greasy when using product, try applying from the ear down and avoid the top of your head where there are more concentrated oils.

Make this the season  that you commit to shiny, healthy hair! Remember, a repeated action becomes a habit after 21 days, so if you start now, in just another month you should be well on your way to the luscious locks you deserve!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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