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Are you causing your hair’s breakage?

You can blame your stylist, your shampoo, even your pillow – for breakage in your hair, but in reality, the culprit might be you! Are you committing any of these haircare sins? Each and every one of them can cause your ends to split or an entire section to break off. Are you guilty?

1. Wearing your hair up every day. When your tresses are pulled tight in a ponytail or bun every day (especially in the same spot) you are essentially pulling, tugging and wearing down hair that is fastened inside the elastic. Plus, the ends that get all frayed in your messy bun might end up staying that way if you keep up with your rat’s nest habit!

2. Brushing your hair when it’s wet. There are few things that feel better than brushing through wet hair, but put that brush down NOW! Wet hair is particularly vulnerable to breakage, and the pulling and tugging on tangles does nothing good. If you must get the tangles out post-shower, use a wide-toothed comb, and start at the bottom of your hair, gradually working your way up when the lower tangles come out.

3. Using the wrong shampoo. If your hair is brittle or fine (or if you frequently use heat styling products) make sure you are using a strengthening shampoo or conditioner. Look for one with keratin, which is a natural protein that your hair loses during heat styling. Fortifying each strand with this protein will make your locks strong and shiny.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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