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Bangs regret? Get that fringe off your face, in style!

Bangs are an awesome way to update your hairstyle, but if you are having not-so-bangin’ regrets about cutting them, one of the only options you have is to pull ’em back. Even if you love your new look, there will certainly be times this season when you would rather just get all that hair OFF your face.

The old bobby pin twist back gets old, so here are some fun ways to dress up your fringe while still keeping it out of your way.

Braid. Even if your bangs are super-short, you can weave them into a trendy side braid. To make sure all those short strands stay put, work some texturizing paste or wax into the hair before braiding, or spritz with hairspray when you’re done.

Try doing a deep side part and French braiding across your crown, or weaving your bangs into a French braid then continuing into a normal braid as you pull it back into a ponytail.

Pull and wrap. We have probably all pulled our bangs into a little twist and pinned it into place, but there are more original ways to pull this look off. Gather your bangs into a mini ponytail where you would normally pin them, and fasten them with a small clear elastic. Then, take another section of hair and wrap it around the elastic, hiding it completely.

You can also work your bangs into a miniature French twist at your hairline. To do this, twist the shortest hairs away from your face, and add sections of hair from either side, twisting them into the main section of hair. This process is a bit like French braiding, but instead of weaving the sections of hair you are twisting them together. Secure on the side of your hair with a bobby pin.

Slick them back. If your hair falls to your chin or higher, you can use this opportunity to rock the slicked-back, chic look. When your hair is wet, comb it all back, apply firm-hold gel, then comb it back again.

If your hair is longer, you can still slick back your bangs into an updo or half-updo with enough hairspray or wax. You can also try tucking them under a headband or securing them back with a comb or a clawed band. You can pin them back with bobby pins, of course, but these other hair accessories tend to have cute details like beads or rhinestones to dress up your look.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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