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Blinging your bikini area and eliminating waxing pain

After more than three years in the “Cidade Maravilhosa” otherwise known as Rio de Janeiro, I can attest, practically every lady and her sister is sporting the infamous “Brazilian.” What was born from necessity to fit inside some incredibly teeny-weeny bikinis is as popular a primping ritual as haircuts and manicures.

If the idea of waxing Brazilian is about as foreign-sounding as a trip to South America, you’re not alone. If you have sensitive skin or consider yourself a super wimp, there’s an alternative ingredient for trimming your hair ‘down there’ so severely and other ways you dress up your nether region.

Licensed esthetician and waxing specialist Katherine Goldman who created Stript Wax Bar, a chain of five modern waxing boutiques around Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, says hard wax may be your answer for ouch-free hair removal. “Hard wax is great for sensitive body areas such as the face and bikini. This wax adheres only to hair and shrink-wraps around it, lifting it cleanly out of the root.  It can minimize irritation and is a better option for people with sensitive skin,” she explains.

Eyebrow Shaping Tips

Esthetician Katherine Goldman is the founder and owner of Stript Wax Bar, a chain of five waxing boutiques in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. On the menu of services at Stript Wax Bar is brow shaping and makeup application, and her artists are pros at getting a perfect pair of arches.

Goldman shares a half-dozen rules you should follow for achieving your best brows, both at home and in your esthetician’s office.

– Always make sure you see a trained professional for your first brow shaping.  You can then tweeze them yourself at home to maintain the shape, but it is important to see a professional brow artist the first time around. They can help you determine the correct brow shape for your face and consult with you about the look you are trying to achieve.

Tricia’s Tip: If you absolutely can’t get to a salon near you, the Anastasia Beverly Hills All-In-One Brow Kit has everything you need to figure out your ideal arch and groom your brows.

– Make sure to get the right products for your brows. There are many ways to enhance the look of brows and finding the right product is essential.  Whether it is a pencil or a powder, the tools you use can determine how dramatic you want the brow outline to be.  This is also a quick fix for over plucked brows or ones that have gaps in them.

Tricia’s Tip: In addition to Anastasia Beverly Hills, I’m also a fan of Billion Dollar Brows products, especially the retractable pencil and tinted brow gel.

– Try a tinting of your brows. Just darkening your brows by a shade or two can really enhance its shape, especially for brows that are thin or sparse. This must be done by a licensed professional but can really accentuate the look of the brow.

– Opt for full brows. Full brows are a huge trend, so if yours are on the thinner side, try growing them out for a month and then getting them shaped.  You can also try a brow re-growth treatment similar to the ones made for eyelashes.  Many salons carry them now and they can help you achieve a fuller brow.

– To minimize your sensitivity to the brow shaping, take an ibuprofen an hour before the appointment. This can take the pain away and reduce inflammation associated with waxing. If you’re still sensitive after the wax, apply a combination of aloe and cortisone cream to reduce irritation.

– Try to schedule your brow appointment in the evening. This way you do not have to face people in the daytime with any redness or irritation. You can just go home, go to sleep and wake up with beautiful brows. A cool compress at night can help reduce selling and redness as well.

Tricia’s Tip: If you must face the world in the daylight hours, I recommend using a gentle powder mineral makeup to cover it up. My favorite for post-wax was Glo Minerals. 

Combining your waxing with a hair-reduction treatment like the Depilar System can also help reduce your discomfort. “This product, when combined with waxing, reduces the amount of hair that grows and is completely painless for the client,” she says.

Goldman says there is a lot that can go wrong at a waxing appointment, so making sure you go to a salon that specializes in quality waxing services can spare you an unnecessarily painful session or its aftermath. Hygiene is a top priority at Stript Wax Bar, “That means no double dipping the wax sticks,” she insists.

To get a Brazilian that shines like a Carnaval parade float, try some vajazzling or vasparkling. What in the world is that, you ask? Me too!

Goldman says that her salons do both, and explains how it all goes down:

With vajazzling the technician applies Swarovski crystals to the skin to adorn your bikini area, usually in a pattern like a heart or star.

Vasparkling is kind of like a temporary tattoo. The technician places a template on the skin and applies a medical-grade skin adhesive followed by a multicolored glitter.

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