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Cheap and easy skincare: Body Brushing

Chances are by now you may have heard of skin brushing, but have you tried it?
Do you know all of the great benefits that a simple scrub with a dry brush can bring to your skin?  Want an inexpensive, easy way to reduce cellulite and make your skin glow beautifully? All you need is a good quality body brush with natural bristles that costs around $6-$10. This is a cheap way to keep your skin and your body healthy and happy that only takes a few minutes each day!

So how do you “brush” your skin exactly?

Start with your brush or loofah at your feet and move upwards towards the thighs in small circular motions. Do not brush too vigorously or hard or your skin might become red and irritated. Then start to brush your arms downward and brush your torso towards the heart. Don’t dry brush your face because it is much too sensitive. Your face needs a gentle exfoliation scrub instead. Hips and thighs are perfect places to brush because cellulite tends to form there. Be sure to brush gentle and avoid bruises, cuts, or irritated areas.

What are the benefits to skin brushing? 

Skin brushing benefits the largest organ you have: your skin. It accelerates toxin elimination, stimulates blood flow and circulation, reduces cellulite, helps exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, provides anti-aging benefits through cell regeneration, and helps you get your moist, supple skin back. Skin brushing also actives your lymphatic system (a part of your immune system) by stimulating the lymphatic channels to release toxic materials in the colon and cleanse the entire body. The waste that it brings to the surface gets out of your skin in the form of sweat and dead skin cells and makes your skin look better and helps unclog your pores.

The best part of all this is that skin brushing not only makes your skin LOOK better, it has proven medical benefits. It stimulates your nerve endings that help your nervous system, it gives you a healthy immune system by helping your skin breathe better with unclogged pores, it helps increase your circulation and blood flow, and it rids your skin of toxins that can destroy your health.

A great way to increase the detoxification is to dry brush before working out to allow yourself to sweat out all the toxins more effectively. Skin brushing is great to eliminate toxins that make their way into our bodies through our deodorants, lotions and much more. You might think this will make you stink more after the gym? Studies show no way. By eliminating more dead skin cells and unclogging your pores, you will notice a decrease in odor. Sitting in a sauna after you try skin brushing is another great way to detox your body. You’ll notice right away your skin will be glowing and noticeably brighter with each dry brushing session.

Where can I find an inexpensive brush to try skin brushing? is the best place to find brushes that cost around $6-$10. Simply search on Amazon or Google Shopping for “skin brushing brushes” or “dry brushes” and you’ll be able to compare prices with brands such as Bernard Jensen, Yerba Prima Botanicals, and Elemis. Other places to check out are vitamin stores like The Vitamin Shoppe and beauty supply stores. Skin brushing has grown so popular they are selling brushes at many local retailers now such as Kohl’s or Target. Just make sure you get one with natural bristles!

Have you tried skin brushing? Do you notice a different in your health or your skin? Tell us all about it!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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