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Do you know how to find the best eyeshadow shades for you?

You know your favorite color, and you know the color of your eyes, but you still might not know what eyeshadow colors look best on you. I love yellow, but that color would not bode well with my cool skin tone and pale complexion. The fact of the matter is, the colors you love might not look great with your coloring, and some colors you would never think to try make your eyes totally pop. Here’s what you need to know.

Are you warm or cool?
If your skin has blue or pink undertones, you have a cool skin tone, and if you have yellow or orange undertones, you have a warm skin tone. Most of the time, it’s a good idea to match the tone of your eyeshadow with the tone of your skin. But that doesn’t quite narrow it down well enough… keep reading!

What color are your eyes?
If you have blue eyes, you will look stunning in colors like coral, pink and peach, because these complement your blue undertones in your skin and the color of your eyes. Hazel-eyed ladies should choose colors that will pick up the flecks in their eyes – that’s why a shimmery olive, sunny yellow or gold work well on these women. Green-eyed gals should also opt for complementary hues, like purple. If you’re a “brown-eyed girl,” your eyes will pop with earthy shades like taupe.

What color is your skin?
Alabaster babes can rock anything from pastel green to dark berry, since their skin serves as a blank canvas. If your skin is medium and golden, you will glow in shimmery metallics, like a golden mocha hue. If you feel like going bright, you could rock an iridescent purple – just choose one with golden flecks in it to reflect your warm skin tone. Darker beauties will need to use eye primer to get certain colors to pop, though these skin tones really sparkle with a shimmery khaki.

With these rules in mind, a cool, fair-skinned woman with blue eyes would look best in a shimmery pink eyeshadow, while light skin with green eyes will dazzle in purple. Medium-skinned ladies with warm skin tones glow in golden, earthy tones, while a dark-skinned woman with a warm skin tone and brown eyes would look stunning with a warm, metallic coral hue.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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