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Don’t let your face delfate

As we get older, many skin changes occur and a big issue for many women is loss of volume. Early jowls, some hollowness over the cheek area, creases around the mouth known as deeper nasolabial folds, and hollowing of the temples are all signs of aging that occur as a result of volume loss. According to Boston plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel, there are several aesthetic procedures that can reintroduce the volume in different ways.

Quick Fixes

Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, and other injectables are available to restore volume quickly. Placing these materials under the skin where you have lost volume can restore the contours you need for maintaining a youthful appearance.

Continual Correction

Sculptra, another injectable, is introduced  in stages and can result in a gradual improvement that will last for years. Fat grafting can also be done.  Have a trouble spot on your belly, under your neck, on your inner thighs or love handles?  “Your surgeon can remove it unwanted fat and then place that fat into areas where you actually need it,” Speigel says.

Timing Your Treatments

The best time to start is whenever you notice a change. “These areas are not going to get better by ignoring them,” warns Speigel. In fact, he says there’s reasonable evidence that some filler materials can actually stimulate your body to produce more collagen that will fill in the hollowing areas naturally. “Starting sooner means you’ll look great sooner and have that beauty last longer,” he says.

Results and Reapplication

Some fillers that  prevent  facial deflation last a year, while others can last for several years. Speigel says his office has ways of creating a permanent correction, too.  If volume replacement is what you need, he says plastic surgeon’s office should have a number of fairly easy ways of getting that done successfully. And as with anything else, experience matters. Most metro areas have a skilled facial plastic surgeon, so find one in your area to get an opinion on your own specific needs.

Curing with Cosmetics

Many products in the marketplace claim to deliver hyaluronic acid or collagen in a cream form. Speigel says that there’s a reason we need to inject these under the skin: The outer protective layers of the skin prevent these materials from being absorbed.  “If you could get fat into your skin without an injection, we could just put an avocado on your face for an hour and see the results,” he jokes.

However, smaller molecules known as peptides can facilitate collagen growth. Some of these products have been shown to penetrate the skin to produce great results. Your local plastic surgeon may carry reputable brands in his or her office or be able to recommend the best one for you based on your specific needs and skin type.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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