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Hardcore creams for the worst of the worst

Everyone has a little something on their face they wish they could change, from crow’s feet to dark circles. However, if you have some extreme eye ailments, you might be in need of something super-strong to get your skin healthy again. Before you Google “Botox treatments,” try these hardcore creams, serums and other potions – designed for the worst of the worst.

If your skin issues are so extreme you’re considering a facelift, try a serum like Algenist’s Concentrated Reconstructing Serum, which has alguronic acid for anti-aging results. This product is great at minimizing wrinkles and getting your skin soft and smooth.

If you need something a little more all-purpose, pick a super-strong night cream like Hydroxatone’s Hydrolyze Under Eye Treatment. This powerful potion contains caffeine and nine bioactive ingredients that will reduce puffiness, bags, lines, creases and wrinkles, while making your skin soft and hydrated.

You could also try a super-concentrated serum like Lancome’s Genifique Yeux Light-Pearl Eye Illuminating Youth Activating Concentrate, which comes with a massaging applicator for optimal results all around your eye.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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