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Pick the right bangs for your face shape, please!

I have confession. I am terrified of bangs.  Like waking-up-in-a-dead-sweat, straight up terrified of them. Now, don’t get me wrong  – I love the way they look on other women.  I’m always envious of women with an edgy, blunt cut fringe or romantic, side-swept bangs and wistfully imagining myself with a similar style.

But every time I sit down in my stylist’s chair, ready to give her the bangs go-ahead, I chicken out.  Seriously – the last five appointments, I’ve backed out each and every time.

In my defense, adding bangs to your ‘do is definitely a leap of faith. They can drastically change your look, and growing them out if you don’t like the way they look can be a pain in the butt time, so you definitely want to be sure about them when you finally bite the bullet.

If you’re contemplating bangs but still a little nervous – or full out terrified like I am – you can take some of the fear out of the process by choosing a style that’s suited to your face shape so you’re guaranteed a flattering look. The trick is figuring out what type of bangs work best for your face shape, so here are a few ideas to get you started.


If you’ve got a round face, you want to choose a style that slims it down and makes it look a little more oval. Edgy, blunt cut bangs are great option because they cover the forehead and make your face look a little less round. Don’t cut them too short, though – make sure they reach just above your brows, so your forehead is totally concealed.


With a square face, you want to choose a bang style that helps detract from the angular shape. Long, side-swept bangs work really well because they soften the look of your face and make it look more oval.  For the prettiest look, pair side-swept bangs with a wavy, shoulder length or longer style.


If you’ve got a heart shaped face, you want to draw attention to the center of your face to distract from a larger forehead and smaller chin.  Like a square shaped faced, you can definitely rock side-swept bangs since they help de-emphasize a prominent forehead. But to keep the focus on the center of your face, have your stylist cut the bangs so the shortest pieces hit at the front of your brows and the longest pieces reach the outer corner of your eye.


If you’ve got an oval shape face, you’re one lucky girl – pretty much any type of bang will look good on you, so you can take your pick. But if you’re looking for a safe option, straight, eye grazing bangs are a pretty choice. Ask your stylist to keep them a little longer at the edges so you can pull them over to the side if the mood strikes.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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