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Repair your skin for the spring

Wintertime weather is always rough on my hands. My dry skin is super sensitive, and I’ve been known to break skin pretty easily when bumping into things.  The dry skin doesn’t just go away when the spring comes.

On the other end of the body, my feet seem to take pretty well to constantly being bundled up, but I still tend to  neglectful.   I try to make it up once the winter passes. A little at-home pedicure is a good idea on a weekly basis, when spring  well, springs — even if you skip the polish. If you want to get  your hands and feet hydrated and cared for , I’ve got a few tips and products to help.

Exfoliate and Hydrate

Although it’s labeled for the hands, the Spa Sensuals hand cream and hand srub from Lamas Beauty work just as well as pedicure products. First, grab a nickel-sized dollop of scrub and gently rub it between your hands like you are washing them. Rinse and lightly towel dry. Repeat on your feet. Follow with a generous slather of hand cream. They’re ultra-emollient and made with organic ingredients, too.

Cuticle Care

Hang nails aren’t just a downer for mani but your tights and sweaters too. After leaving the shower or bath, use an orange stick to gently press your cuticles back. Cutting your cuticles can make them inflamed and cause them to peel. Try a non-toxic cuticle remover, such as the one from Priti NYC sold online at Gaiam. I like to use cuticle treatment oil from Dr.’s REMEDY as part of my a.m. ritual to keep my cuticles supple and snag-free.

Smoothing the Edges

Every week or so, give your nails a little extra TLC with a nail file. Pro tip: Look to the natural curve of your cuticle to determine your ideal shape. This will not only help with a symmetric appearance but also to keep your nails from getting weakened.

Treat Your Feet

If you have cracked, dry heels, calluses and thick skin on your feet, TheraHeel is for you. Each pouch contains a pair of plastic booties that are filled with everything you need for an at-home escape that will transform your tootsies, no joke. The Moisturizing Foot Mask provides a high level of hydration as you wear it from 30 minutes to two hours.

After two hours using the Resurfacing Foot Mask, it’ll seem pretty anticlimactic, but you’ll need to wait up to a week to see the results which are so dramatic they’re almost scary. Your dead skin and calluses will start to peel away after about four days. It’s important you don’t use a callus remover or pick your peeling skin. Soaking your feet daily and using a wash cloth on your feet to lightly scrub them will help.

Finishing Touches

If you want to add nail color to finish off your new and improved hands and feet, do it in the healthiest way you can by picking a three-free polish. Three free means that the formulation is made without the use of toxic chemicals Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde or Toluene, also known as “the big three.” A couple of my favorite three free brands include Dr.’s REMEDY and Priti NYC.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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