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Say what?! The myth-busting truth about dandruff

If you think you have dandruff, your gut reaction may be to scream “YUCK!” and head to the nearest drug store to pick up some dandruff shampoo. But, before you do, you may want to check out some common misconceptions about that not-so-pleasant condition (I know, I want to wear my black sweaters again, too!).

Dryness does not cause dandruff

The second you see that first flake, you may be thinking its from dryness and make a bee-line for your moisturizer, but hold your horses! This is NOT the solution. In fact, when a scalp is flaky as a result of dandruff, it is actually the result of too much oil. Usually, it occurs after the development of harmless yeast, which feeds off of the excess oil (I know, gross).

When you have it – shampoo IS your friend

Now that we know dryness is not the culprit, and it is really the extra oils, you should not step away from your shampoo routine. Not shampooing everyday can make these oils build up and make it worse. Even though this goes against previous advice, you may want to wash your hair nearly every day when you have dandruff.

A medicated dandruff shampoo, which is complete with either ketoconazole, selenium sulfide or zinc, is the solution. Those of us who can’t imagine not using a conditioner should purchase a dandruff conditioner as well.

Face, body and scalp, oh my!

Dandruff isn’t just on your scalp. You read right, these little flakes can also pop up around your eyebrows, near your ears and even on the side of your nose! Basically, it can occur wherever a lot of oil is produced. If this is the case, it will usually happen while your scalp is going through the same thing – so just gently clean the spots with your dandruff shampoo while in the shower to get rid of it!

Controlling it can’t cure it

The worst part about the pesky flakes is that if you are prone to them, you will most likely continue to get them. But there are ways to control dandruff and you can take a preemptive strike! Try to maintain a diet low in saturated and trans fats – and don’t forget your fruits and veggies. This combo should keep dandruff at bay!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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