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Why Asian hair is different

If you are Asian or have Asian heritage, you have been styling your hair all your life, and of course you know that the color, texture and volume is different from that of your Caucasian, African American or Latina friends. But understanding why your hair is different – and how you can change it – might make styling just a little easier.

Asian hair has a reputation for being straight, coarse and black, but that’s not true of everyone. Your genetics play a major role in the texture of your hair, and it’s really luck of the draw when it comes to the coarseness or softness. In fact, some Asian individuals have slight wave to their hair, which is also usually fine.

Typical, straight Asian hair starts at the cuticle – how many hairs come from each cuticle and what shape the cuticle is. For example, the cuticles of African American hair are more flat, which is why their hair tends to be more coarse. The smooth, straight texture of Asian hair is what makes it look so lustrous and shiny, and also why it’s nearly impossible to get it to hold a curl.

Of course, today Asian women can rock curls just as good as the next gal, thanks to perms and other salon treatments. Of course, color can also be changed, and hues like deep brown and chestnut can look just as gorgeous as the natural black.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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