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Yes, you CAN wear blue makeup – here’s how

Feeling blue that you can’t wear blue eye makeup anymore? Well, turn that frown upside down! Icy shades of indigo might have been hot in the ’80s, but guess what? They can still work if you wear them in certain ways. Whether you’re looking to switch up from your typical brown or black liner or going a little more dressy to match your liner to an outfit, there are some super-classy ways to wear blue eye makeup in 2013.

Navy smokey eye

Perfect for redheads, a navy blue smokey eye is a refreshing change from the typical black or gray smokey eye. It looks great on every eye color, whether you’ve got light baby blues or dark brown irises.

Using about four shades of deep indigo blue, start by applying the darkest shade to the outer corner of your eye, blending from the outer edge of your lashline upward. Add some dark shadow only to the outermost corner of your lower lashline. Then, take a medium shade and cover your entire eyelid, blending with the darker hue, slightly above your crease. Then it’s time to apply a lighter shade of blue to brighten the inner half of your eyelid, then blend that up to the brow bone. Finish with black mascara as usual. It’s best not to apply too much blue under your eyes, since it can create the appearance of bags – not what you were going for!

Blue eyeliner galore!

Lining your eyes with blue is one of the best ways to wear this cool hue. Use a navy in place of your regular black, or choose a brighter hue as an accent color,  and wear it on the bottom lash line only.

For the accent color look, apply black liquid eyeliner on top – bonus fashion points if you wing it out to a cat eye shape. Then, take a light turquoise pencil and line the inner lashline from corner to corner. Finish this look with natural eyeshadow hues on your eyelid and black mascara.

You can also wear blue eyeliner to rim your entire eye – pretty much any shade is in style these days, and is a perfect way to add an element of fun to your look.

Getting glittery

Glitter AND bright colors? With blue, it can happen. Because blue is a more subdued color in general, it’s a good choice if you want to get super dressy with your eye makeup and add glitter. Got a gala coming up? Navy blue glitter is a perfect way to reflect light in an elegant, not tacky, way.

Apply just a thin line of blue glitter on top of your eyeliner against your lashline, or use it to accent the outer corner of your smokey eye. The trick is to let the glitter be the main focal point of your makeup – keep the rest on the basic side.

Keep it simple

The key to any accent makeup technique is to keep the rest of your makeup natural and simple. If you are wearing blue eye makeup, your lip and cheek colors should be totally neutral. To keep it understated, it’s also a good idea not to match the color on your eyes TOO well to the color you are wearing on your clothes.

Always pick a different shade if you’re going to be matching blue eye makeup with blue clothes, or wear the bold makeup on a day when your outfit is more subdued.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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