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Easy, breezy spring hairstyles

I have a bad habit of falling into hair style ruts. I’ll fall in love with a look because it’s fast or easy or because it makes my hair look super full and thick, and I’ll wear it for a month straight without even considering another style.  I’m not sure if it’s a lack of creativity or just laziness, but it happens all the time.

That’s why whenever the seasons change, I’m always curious to know what the latest and greatest hair trends are.  For me, they’re the perfect inspiration for trying a new style, getting a whole new cut and mixing things up for a change.  If you get stuck in hair style ruts like I do, some of these trends may be just the thing to get you thinking about a new do too. Me?

I’m seriously contemplating some bangs this season…

Sleek and Polished

Sleek, polished hair is a big trend, and it’s a look that works for any situation, including school, the office and date night. This is a trend that I’m really excited about because my hair has zero volume on a good day and that flatness actually works for the low-key style since the hair is kept close to the head.  Apply a smoothing serum like Organix Smoothing Shea Butter Liquid Glass Serum to damp hair and blow dry to get your tresses as smooth and sleek as possible. You can part your hair down the middle for a traditional look or mix things by going with a side part, but otherwise, just let it hang there in all its simple glory. If your hair has natural texture like waves or curls, you’ll want to use your favorite straightener to smooth it for the sleekest look.  And if you’ve got super thick hair that’s always pretty voluminous, you may want to pin sections of your hair against your head to make it look a little flatter and sleeker.

Blunt Bangs

If you’ve been itching to try an edgier look, the spring trend of blunt cut bangs may be the look for you. They’re definitely not for the faint of heart since they’re harder to grow out than softer bang options, but it’s a sexy look that calls attention to the eyes. For the best blunt fringe, though, you have to have the right hair – because they are straight cut, blunt cut bangs need to be pretty thick so there’s enough weight to keep them in place. With fine hair, blunt cut bangs can look a little sparse. If you decide to take the plunge, make sure you don’t cut your bangs too short either.  They should reach at least the tops of your eyebrows for the most flattering look.

Simple Pony

If you’re a low maintenance kind of girl – or just running perpetually late like me – you’ll be happy to know that the simple, basic pony is back in a big way this spring. And there aren’t any hard and fast rules about how to wear it, so you can choose your favorite style – perched low at the nape of your neck, worn high at the crown of your head or anywhere in between. If you want to dress it up a bit, take a cue from the New York Fashion Week runway shows and use a strand of your hair to hide your elastic for a simple, polished look.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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