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Hair Removal: 101

As the seasons change, we often need to change our skincare routines. When spring and summer roll around, we have to start thinking about unwanted hair. You know the fuzzies that grow on your legs, armpits, bikini area, arms, etc.? So you bust out the razors, shaving gel, waxing kits or epilators and have to deal with stubble, redness, irritation and pain! What’s a girl to do?

First you need to determine the best way to remove hair for each part of your body. You may wax your face and bikini line but shave your armpits and legs. You can mix it up! You don’t need to shave, wax or pluck all parts of your body. So how do you decide what to use and where ?

Shaving Pros and Cons:


-Shaving is easy! All you need is a razor and some shaving cream or gel and go to town.
-Shaving is relatively painless. Unless you cut yourself with the razor, shaving is painless, unlike waxing or using an epilator which pulls or plucks the hair out.
-It is the most affordable option. Razors and shaving cream (or you can use soap) are the cheapest of the options.


-The obvious con is that it doesn’t last long. If you shave in the morning you may see stubble by the afternoon, depending how thick or dark your hair is.
-If you use an old razor or have a slip of the hand, you can cut yourself or irritate your skin. Shaving frequently can also irritate the skin.

Epilator Pros and Cons:


-Hair comes back lighter and thinner if you use it regularly.
-Unlike shaving, it pulls hair out at the root so you won’t have to remove hair as often.


-It hurts! Think about tweezing your eyebrows and plucking hairs. Epilators grab hair at the root and pull it out.
-It can be rough on sensitive skin. I know from personal experience, it created red bumps on my skin that didn’t go away for months.
-It can take a lot of time. You need to go over the same spot multiple times and keep using it which can be a time suck.
-Depending on what brand you get, it can be costly but can be more affordable than waxing.

Waxing Pros and Cons:


-Waxing lets you go longer periods of time without having hair to remove and it leaves your skin silky smooth.
-Depending on your budget, you can go to a salon and get waxed without having to do it yourself.
-While you can go to a salon, there are also many affordable options for waxing at home.


-It can be very painful.
-Home application can be messy or time consuming if you don’t have much experience in waxing.

Tip for Shaving:

Always exfoliate! Exfoliation gets rid of dead skin cells that could get in the way of the razor doing its job.

Tip for Using an Epilator:

Test a spot before you remove the hair on your whole leg or any other area. You will need to see if your skin gets irritated or red first.

Tip for Waxing:

Ask for help! If you choose convenience over money, go to a salon and get it done. If you prefer to do it yourself at home and don’t know what you’re doing, research or ask for tips.

What do you do to remove unwanted hair? Share with us your favorite method and dish with us your personal pros and cons of each method!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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