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Top 4 things people notice about your hair

Here’s a scenario for you. You’re getting ready to go out, but you’re not digging your hair. Maybe it’s not flipping at the ends the way you want, or your bangs just aren’t banging . . . whatever it is, you are not confident about your hairstyle. You express your frustration and your friend turns to you and says,“No one will even notice!” in an attempt to console you (and get you out the door). But, people do notice your hair! In fact, most of us make judgments about a person’s personality based on their appearance, especially their hair! According to the experts, these are top things that people first notice about your hair, with some added tips to help fix any flaws!

1) Style & Length

Your hairstyle and choice of length could be saying more about you than you realize. For instance, in the case of a job interview hairstyle, before you even speak a word, your interviewer has a sizable first impression of you, and your hairstyle accounts for a large part of that first impression.

A short, bold hairstyle can imply strength and confidence, especially when it’s styled up-to-date and the cut has clean trimmed edges. Mid-length bob hairstyles are classic hairstyles for any age, and reflects a business-like attitude, a proper, well educated type who is attentive to details, or a woman who is low maintenance and fashionable. Longer lengths portray femininity on one hand, but when overdone (overly big, overly mussed or just badly cared for) it can speak the wrong message of who you really are. Complicated hairstyles that require a lot of upkeep may send the message that you are high maintenance, so if you want to change your persona, try a more relaxed style that will portray you are easygoing.

2) Roots

Nothing says,”I don’t care how I look”, more than the obvious regrowth that clearly doesn’t match the rest of your hair. If you are dying your hair to keep your brown hair looking blonde, or your grays from taking over, make sure to do regular touch-ups at home, or in the salon. If you can DIY, a good temporary fix that will last approximately two weeks, is a root touch-up kit. It will hold you till you can get it colored for real, and it’s available at drug stores, big grocery chains and beauty supply stores. Or, try a quick, easy temporary solution with hair mascara. It comes in a mascara-like package with a precision wand to give you color exactly where you need it, or in a lipstick-like package which you simply moisten and glide over your roots. These hair mascara’s are ideal for quick touch-ups, and will cover-up those unsightly roots until your next shampoo and until you are able to get into the salon. Find them from $10 – $20 at your local drug store, or beauty supply store.

3) Dirty Hair

What do you think when you see dirty, greasy hair? You are not alone if words like, unhygienic, sloppy, uncaring, depressed, or similar negative connotations come to mind. So, if you’re thinking about skipping a shampoo, but not sure if you can risk the grease-factor, take a second try a dry shampoo. If you don’t have any dry shampoo on hand, shake a bit of baby powder into your hands, rub it on your roots and give your tresses a good brushing. You’ll be almost as good as new.

4) Dry Flaky Scalp

A dry, flaky scalp will reek havoc on an otherwise great looking hairstyle. If you are seeing the results of this condition, which shows up as white flakes in your hair and on your shoulders, it’s time to switch shampoos. Although, this is not truly the condition of “Dandruff”(which is a yellow, scaly, waxy condition) you can find relief in dandruff shampoos. Head and Shoulders, Selsun Blue, or products with tea tree oil, are good reliable products for dry flaky scalps. If one type of dandruff shampoo seems to be losing its juice, switch to one with a different active ingredient. Also, be sure to rinse your hair well after washing it, and try to avoid the use of styling products, as they may lead to excessive drying of the scalp which can cause flaking.

Remember, those few extra minutes that you invest in your looks, can pay off in big dividends!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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