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Using Hydrotherapy and Vichy Showers for skincare and wellness

The adult human’s body is made up of about 70 percent water and the therapeutic benefits of H2O go far beyond drinking it. Hydrotherapy, the practice of soaking the body in water for medicinal purposes, dates back to 4500 BC, where ancient bath ruins were discovered in Pakistan. Hydrotherapy was made popular in Europe during the 19th century as a common treatment for illnesses such as pneumonia, anxiety and back pain. Vichy, in particular, originated from Vichy, France where the water is used for its medicinal and healing properties. Appreciation of water for wellness, healing and rejuvenation has always been part of its tradition since Roman times, according to hydrotherapy practitioner and Spa Reveil owner Lidya Wati of Austin, TX, who offered her insights to answer frequently asked questions about hydrotherapy.

Who are hydrotherapy treatments and Vichy showers beneficial to?

Both are beneficial for purposes of rejuvenation and stress reduction, improving blood circulation and enhancing overall well-being.  In addition, the heat from the water stimulates sweating, which helps with the elimination of toxins.  The buoyancy of water reduces body weight significantly thereby easing pressure on muscles, joints and bones.  Because of this, they are great for relieving arthritis pain. Vichy and hydrotherapy have an immediate effect on relaxing the body, calming the mind and hydrating the skin so anyone looking for these results will benefit highly from these treatments.

What are the particular benefits?

Both Vichy and hydrotherapy enhance overall blood circulation, boost immunity, hydrate and improve vitality of the skin, while soothing the nervous system and helping the body detoxify.  They also help relieve muscle aches, pressure on joints and bones as well as alleviate congestion and bronchitis due to the moist heat from the water. The more visible benefits that will take effect quickly include relaxation, hydration and soothing of aches and pressure in the muscles and joints.

Are there any age-reversing benefits?

Since both Vichy and hydrotherapy enhance blood circulation, they benefit the heart, muscles and arteries through increased oxygen, providing vitality and energy.  This vitality along with the relaxing effect of Vichy and hydrotherapy helps in slowing the aging process.  When combined with body exfoliation and body wraps, both the Vichy shower and hydrotherapy allows for maximum product absorption and are great complements for cellulite, mud and seaweed body application treatments all of which contain age-reversing properties.

How often do you recommend hydrotherapy treatments?

I recommend them as often as possible, at least once a week if you can.

Do you have any tips or warnings to consider?

Hydrotherapy is not recommended for pregnant women or those with acute fever, open wounds, skin infections, seizures, vascular diseases or hypotension. Those with open wounds or skin infections are also discouraged from Vichy treatments.

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