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Who needs a headband when you can braid!

Are you getting tired of the same hairstyle everyday? I know I am. Just because you want to mix it up doesn’t mean you have to go drastic, though (step away from the purple highlights!). Hair accessories like barrettes and headbands can help, but you don’t need all these if you know how to braid! Try the simple and adorable headband braid. This new take on a headband is one surefire way to satisfy your desire for a new hairstyle quiet (for a little while at least). Here’s how to do it!

After you have blown out your hair (and possibly added some curls), gather the topmost section of your hair on one side  of your head, flip it over to the other side and clip it there so you can reach the under layer. This is where you will make the braid. Next, take a section of your hair (about 2 inches) from just behind the top of your ear. Braid this section loosely so it is easy to move – this will become your headband.

Once your braid is complete, free the section of hair you have clipped and wrap the braid over to the other side of your head, then clip it behind your other ear using a few bobby pins. To create some extra volume, tease the crown of your hair just a bit and voila! You are ready to go! This style looks best when you leave some bangs or shorter pieces of hair out in the front around your face – the braid will be placed behind them, like a headband would be.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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