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6 Trendy hair accessories worth trying

We all know accessories are a key to completing an outfit. We have jewelry boxes full of earrings, necklaces, etc. that will take any outfit from “meh” to “oh yeah!” But what about accessorizing your hair? You don’t always need to straighten or curl your hair to add style to your locks. Sometimes all you need is a cute hair accessory to get your hair looking fresh.

Amp up your do with these five cute and trendy hair accessories that are all the rage right now. Most of these hair accessories can be found at women’s clothing stores, some of my favorites spots are; Forever21, Express, Nordstroms, and H&M.

Spikes: Yikes, watch out! Edge up your hair with spike embellished headbands, hairpins, and barrettes. Spikes are seriously trending right now, popping up on clothes, shoes, handbags and hair accessories. While spikes may come off with a slightly tough edge, the look maintains a feminine quality by often being juxtaposed with pearls, lace, and soft colors like baby pink.

Bows: Want a more feminine look? Put a bow on it! Big, small, printed, neon, you name it! Bows are a seriously big trend right now. Clip one at the front base of your high-pony for a cute, girly look. Or do an updo and stick a bow at the base, for a Zooey Deschanel inspired look. Feel like letting your hair down? Pull your bangs, or a front piece of hair, to the side and pin a small baby pink bow in it for an, ‘oh’ so sweet and innocent look!

Scarves: Rock this vintage inspired look; simply pin your hair up and wrap a silk scarf around it. Use a printed scarf to add some pizazz to solid colored outfits. Place the scarf around the head about an inch from the hairline and tie it off-center, at the nape of the neck. Throw on some cuffed jeans, a pair of flats, and an over-sized clutch for a chic, polished look. You can find great silk scarves at a number of stores, but do check out TJ Maxx and Marshalls, they are two of my favorites, with great selections at great prices!

Cuffs: This trend is for the girls who love to rock a ponytail but want to jazz it up. Leather cuffs, embellished or solid, are hot for hair right now. Wear the cuff at the base of your ponytail to add some edge. Opt for smaller cuffs to make your ponytail stand out farther.

Flowers: Wearing a dainty flower in your hair is a great choice! But for this spring, look for homemade styled flowers to add a more vintage feel to your look. Flowers made out of fabric, yarn, or that are embellished with a decorative jewel or button, will give you a sweet, down-home style.

Embellished Barrettes/Hair ties: Spring 2013 is about to see the rise of the low ponytail. Multiple designers showed off their spring collections with beautiful models wearing their hair in low and often wide ponytails. All of them were accessorized with beautiful hair-ties and barrettes, especially ones with sparkles. Look for ponytail holders that have embellishments with metal work, or large jewels, to give your sleek do an elegant feel.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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