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Are eyebrow transplants for you?

As the frame to your face, your eyebrows bring balance and symmetry to your features. But years of tweezing and waxing along with a natural decrease in hair growth as you age can cause sparseness or bald spots in your eyebrows over time. In some cases, conditions like alopecia areata, burns, infections, thyroid disease and other genetic issues can contribute to sudden and sometimes complete loss of brows.

Common solutions include powders and pencils, which are short-term fixes and require tedious daily application. Cosmetic tattoos that promise a permanent solution can look unnatural, if not immediately, inevitably as gravity takes its toll. Eyebrow transplants provide a realistic, lasting solution that can be achieved with a two- to three-hour surgical procedure that costs between $6,000 and $8,000.

Procedure Particulars

While you are sedated under two types of anesthesia, doctors remove transplant hairs from your arms, head, legs, or nape of the neck and divide it as necessary into single strands using a stereo-microscope.

A 0.5 millimeter blade is used to puncture the skin to create recipient sites about 3 millimeters deep for the transplants. Between 50 and 350 hairs are individually placed along the surface of each brow, depending on how much hair you have.

The angle at which the recipient sites are placed will determine the direction of hair growth, so precision is necessary to achieve a flawless finish that closely follows the direction of existing hair growth and the brow’s natural curve.

Post-Operative Care

After undergoing eyebrow hair restoration, transplanted hair will continue to grow. Of course, you’ll want to stick to trimming instead of tweezing to maintain your ideal shape. While healing, the recipient sites can contract, causing a more elevated appearance than desired.

Since transplanted hair used comes from other areas of the body, appearance and growth rate will vary, but begin to resemble your existing eyebrow hair over time. In some patients, it may never identically match, but restoration is generally undetectable with transplanted strands blending seamlessly together with the existing brow. In a year’s time, the results of your procedure will have matured and in some cases, an additional transplant is elected to achieve a fuller appearance.

Transplant Alternatives

If it’s cost prohibitive or you’re afraid to go under the knife but want a long-term fix, a trip to your pharmacy may be the best solution. Some dermatologists recommend using women’s Rogaine hair loss medication to successfully stimulate eyebrow hair growth. Like the plastic surgeon requires meticulousness, you’ll need to use the utmost caution when applying this product. An accidental dribble in the wrong area and you may end up with unwanted hair growth there.

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