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CC Cream vs. BB Cream

In the world of skin care there are a plethora of products out there ready to help you cover up, and clear it up. The newest such products on the market are CC creams. Originated in Japan as a step up from BB cream, it is potentially the perfect cross between a very light foundation and a skincare cream.

Some may say there is no difference between the two.  But they are wrong.  BB Cream is considered a Blemish Balm or a Beauty Balm. When it was created in Asia, it was merely a tinted moisturizer with slightly more coverage, and SPF protection. . The mild color coverage made it perfect for those who don’t exactly need foundation but want to cover a blemish whether it be a small pimple or slight discoloration. The keyword here is  “SLIGHT discoloration”.  Considering that, think of CC cream as an upgrade from your basic BB Cream.

CC Cream is known as Color Correction Cream. It offers more flawless skin coverage, easy blending, and actually treats your skin as it is applied. Although most CC creams won’t get rid of your blemishes, Hydroxatone offers an Anti-Acne CC creams to blast those blemishes.  Both creams contain SPF, but CC cream is less oily which is perfect for those who suffer from oil prone skin. CC creams tens to have the more matte finish that many women desire.   When released in early 2012 Most CC creams only had two tones.  Today, there are various brands that are offering the product across all shades.   If you want a BB Cream on steroids, this is perfect for you!

Color Correcting creams have always been missing from the skin care market. Yes, Proactive, prides itself on evening out skin tone, but the product is harsh, bleaches towels, and your face eventually, and its mainly a face wash. The advantage and unique selling point of CC creams is its triple threat features. You can wear it as a light cover up as an alternative to foundation, it contains sunscreen, and its working on your skin while you wear it. It isn’t oily so you don’t have to worry about it running or clogging your pores like your foundation does. If you’re someone who likes your skin and doesn’t want to completely cover it up. CC cream is perfect for you. You can mask your slight imperfection, while working on it all at the same time.






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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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