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Quick, easy ways to hide unsightly roots

We’ve all been there: You’re getting ready for an important meeting or a hot date and you’re roots are screaming “Look at me!” You waver: Call in sick? Stand up your date? You call the salon and your colorist is booked up for weeks . . . What to do? Don’t let your root regrowth stop you from getting that much deserved raise or that second date. Follow these quick and easy tips to keeping your roots hidden in between salon visits.

Try a hair mascara

This gem is a quick temporary fix for unsightly roots. When pushed to the limit, hair root touch up mascara has given me an extra two weeks before needing to color my roots. Hair mascara has saved-the-day for me many times. It is only good for a quick fix though; it will wash out with your next shampoo. You’ll find it packaged like a lipstick or a mascara in beauty supply stores or drug stores from $10 to $19. I normally use the lipstick type hair mascara and it lasts for months. This maneuver will save you time, money AND the integrity of your hair.

Avoid hairstyles that spotlight your roots

This may be a no brainer, but haven’t you seen this obvious faux-pas more than once; hairstyles with defined parts, ponytails, buns or other styles that draw attention to nasty roots? Instead try a zigzag parting which gives lift to the hair at the scalp and will downplay, or even hide roots altogether. Casual messy hairstyles can hide unsightly roots in an artsy sort of way. Not a fan of messy hairdos? Opt for some cute accessories instead! Hiding roots is the perfect opportunity to wear that cute headband you bought or use a flower pin to clip back your hair.

Use a dry shampoo

This asset to your beauty bag works on hiding more than just greasy strands. Simply spray it onto your roots, rub in and brush it out. Dry shampoo will ad texture and lift to lifeless strands. Remember though, less is more. You don’t want to risk your hair looking too full of product.

Give your hair some added volume

Start by using a volumizing product. You don’t need to buy into a whole line of volumizing products to get the results you desire. When I need extra added volume, I go for a volumizing shampoo, (sans the conditioner-or just on the ends) a volumizing mousse or a root lifter. Rough dry hair upside down with directed heat at the roots. Try parting hair differently and tease the roots for extra added lift.

Try a root coloring kit

The great thing about root coloring kits is that one application will give great coverage for about two weeks. Over-the counter root color kits are demi-permanent dyes that color your roots instead of just masking regrowth. This way you can comfortably go longer between salon visits. When choosing a root color kit, like any hair color, remember to read the chart on the back to determine the right color for you.

Change up your hairstyle

Short cuts are often best for hiding roots, as long as they are full of body. As hair ages it becomes thinner, so rocking a layered crop cut, or a short bob helps get rid of some excess weight that weighs hair down showing off roots.

Short of staying home or wearing a hat or scarf to hide nasty re-growth, these tips can hold you over. But, perhaps the best way to combat unsightly roots is to schedule that next color appointment before leaving the salon. That way it’s on the calendar and your favorite colorist will be available when YOU need them!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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