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Save your makeup from summer downpours

Everyone knows those days where they step outside and are greeted with a windy thunderstorm. Suddenly your hair is a mess, your makeup is dripping off your face and you’re just all wet and feel gross. How do you adjust your skincare and makeup routine to ward off looking like you are melting when a bad storm hits? Springtime is prime time for crazy weather changes and you want to be prepared to look gorgeous at all times. Try some of the tips to stay one step ahead of Mother Nature. You’ll thank us next time you get stuck in a thunderstorm.

Since your skin will feel and look dewier on rainy days, just go with it. Slick on a tinted moisturizer and tinted lip balm for a dewy and radiant glow. Even if you skin gets a little wet, your face will still look natural.

Most of us feel gloomy when the weather is gloomy, so brighten up your makeup on those days for a better mood. Sky blue or bright green will brighten your eyes and contrast against gray skies. Try a bright pink blush for a pretty flush or fuchsia lipstick for another pop of color. Just remember to only use bright colors on one area of your face. For example, if you use a bright lip color, keep your eyes and cheeks more neutral.

Go for waterproof makeup. When you notice the weather is wet, make sure to use waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid runny makeup. A primer before you apply eye shadow can also help your eyeliner and eye shadows stay put all day long. You may also want to check out waterproof foundations like Makeup Forever Extreme Camouflage Cream.   Try a cream blush stick like Miracle Skin Transformer’s Tinted Sculpting Balm to keep your makeup sitting pretty all day long even if you get stuck outside in a storm.

Bring along a mattifying powder like Urban Decays’ De-slick . If you do not keep a powder in your purse for touch-ups, make sure to pack it when the weather acts up. This way you can fix your makeup when you come inside from the rain and help control oil and dewy skin if that isn’t your thing.

If you do get stuck in a downpour, remember to dry off as soon as possible. Wet skin can lead to fungal infections and no one wants that!

What tricks do you use for your makeup and skincare routine when the weather is crappy outside?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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