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Vampire Facials…. The answer to anti-aging?

If you know anything about Vampire Facials then you’re probably telling yourself that it’s gross. You hate needles; you hate blood, and especially when it’s being injected into your face. But you should know that it’s the most natural and direct way to build collagen in your face and to keep your skin glowing and fresh.

Here’s how it works. The doctor ejects blood from your arm, places a numbing cream on your face, spins the blood in a centrifuge allowing the separation of red blood cells, and the solid platelets from the plasma. The doctor now has your blood in the form of PRP; Platelet Rich Plasma, which helps heal the skin, and grow new collagen, ultimately resulting in skin that looks healthier and actually is healthier.

The PRP is then injected into the problem areas, some doctors inject tiny micro sized needles in the face in order for the blood to absorb quicker. After that a derma roller is used on the face. A derma roller is cylinder shaped tool that has tiny needles on it, removing old tissue. Following that a freeze dried collagen mask is applied to the face. It helps cool the face after all of the injecting, and it also helps awaken all of the minerals.

Collagen is the matter under your skin that keeps the skin tight. The older you get the more collagen you lose, or the more that collagen looses its density, causing the skin to droop.

There is no skin cream or wash that can actually grow new collagen; they can only keep the collagen you have tight. Therefore, the vampire facial is probably the most effective and natural way to slow the process of aging and skin drooping.

This procedure is said to last 18 months and start working 2 weeks after it is done. Although there is bruising initially, when the bruises clear away you experience more hydrated glowing skin. Some say they don’t see a difference, but, keep in mind the procedure won’t rewind time, it just offers a new way to stop time for a while. The procedure can be repeated every 18 months, and if done correctly new collagen will be formed every time, making wrinkles almost nonexistent. The treatment also helps cure discoloration, acne spots, and dry patches being that the procedure offers you a chance to rejuvenate and resurface your skin inside and out.

So? Is it worth it? It just might be.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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