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Best black eyeliners

Ancient Egyptians used eyeliner not only for aesthetic purposes, but also as protection from the dry desert’s elements. Today, eyeliner has become one of the most common and basic makeup practices, highlighting your natural eye color as well as creating the look of a smaller or wider eye shape. Liner varies across women in thickness, shape and style. Amy Winehouse was famous for her thick eyeliner, and gothic or punk rock culture is notorious for their eyeliner usage as well.  Dark liner can be a sexy look for any woman of any age.

So, which companies have the blackest black eyeliner out there?  Here are my tops!

My absolute favorite is Urban Decay’s 24 hour glide-on eye pencil in Perversion. Urban Decay calls it, “matte blackest black” and I agree. At $19, it’s worth it in terms of the look you’ll achieve. The eyeliner really makes your natural eye color pop out and it holds up well during the day and against water.   The pencil glides extremely smooth.  No pulling or tugging her.  I love that the application is super quick.  Plus,  it’s easy to manipulate the pencil to achieve the shape you desire.. My only con about this eyeliner is that the pencil goes pretty quickly. I have to frequently sharpen it, and its price point, it isn’t super cost effective.

Lash Em’s Colour Stroke’s Liquid Eyeliner with Lash Enhancing Serum is another winner. I received the product to test out for a review and I’ve been hooked on it ever since. It has water resistant formula and the precision tip ensures ease of use. They strategically designed the bottle to replicate a ink bottle and pen, which I adore. Liquid eyeliner is notorious for being a bit difficult to work with, but not this product. I actually find it just as simple as using pencil, but with more intensity. I use it for night-time wear, as it is a bit more dramatic than pencil. There is NO smudging with this product, and the lash enhancing serum ACTUALLY works. Seriously, I noticed more volume and length in my natural lashes after about two weeks of everyday use. Lash Em is made right here in the USA.

MAC’s FluidLine is an oldie but a goodie. Because you need a separate brush for it, it isn’t the top pick in the bunch when you’re trying to rush out of the door for work, but I love the intensity that the gel/cream combo creates. The precision is liquid liner-esque but has a silkier finish. Just dip and stroke your brush for application, though you may need to use tape to create the shape you desire as it isn’t as easy to do like the other two products. It’s long wearing and smudge proof, however it isn’t an intense black like I like to use.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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