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Cold and warm showers for skin health

shower with running water

Most of us probably despise cold showers. You know that feeling when you are enjoying a warm shower only to have it start blasting cold water? Ahh!

But did you know there are many benefits your skin reaps from cold showers, especially first thing in the morning? Step out of your comfort zone and enjoy these benefits:

  • Promotes radiant skin
  • Opens the capillaries
  • Flushes your organs
  • Helps blood chemistry stay young
  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Keeps your hair shiny
  • Stimulates the secretion of the glandular system and wakes you up
  • Can be helpful for depression or fatigue because the shock of the cold water helps your mind and body stay alert


To start, dry brush your entire body for about five minutes if you have the time. If you have even more time, give yourself a little massage with essential oils to get your circulation flowing. When you’re ready, enter in the cold shower slowly. Start with your feet, hands and arms. Your thighs, head and genitals should not go under the cold water directly because it can disturb your calcium-magnesium balance in your body. Enter the rest of your body in slowly. Massage your body as you shower and give yourself a break! It will get easier as time goes on and you get used to a cold shower.

At night, it is best to take a warm shower to clear off everything you’ve gone through that day and to help you sleep. Warm or hot water is best when you are sick because it helps clear out your nasal passages from the steam. Warm water will also soothe stiff muscles and help if you have back or neck problems. Standing under the warm water will ease tension and relax your muscles.

If you are more concerned with your skin and hair looking healthy, stick with a cold shower. Warm or hot showers can actually trip moisture from your hair and dry out your skin.

Also, think of it this way: cold showers close your pores up and hot showers open them. If you suffer from acne, a cold shower might be a better bet for you. With any type of shower, stick to only around 10 minutes for best results.

Do you only take cold, warm or hot showers? Did you know the benefits to each type of shower?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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