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Find a cure for saggy knees

Saggy knees are a common problem that occurs when skin loosens with age due to loss of muscle mass combined with changes in the skin’s elasticity and collagen levels. It’s particularly noticeable in thinner women who have less fat to secure the skin above the knees. Weight fluctuations can worsen the problem since your skin may not bounce back as easily when you gain and lose pounds. Before making her big screen comeback in the Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle film, Demi Moore got a surgical thigh lift to cure her “kninkles” and shelled out $9,000 for the procedure.

Surgery Specifics

In a surgical knee lift, incisions are made on the inner thigh and at the fold above the knee cap, and then the skin on thigh is pulled and tightened.

Risks to Consider

Scars on the knee and inner thigh from knee to groin are the unavoidable trade off for achieving those taut knees. The everyday motion of the knees along with an unusual wound location that doesn’t allow an anchor for the sutures can cause the scars to spread from tension. Thick, darkened and raised hypertrophic scars are a worst-case result. Other post-op side effects may include hematomas, infection, persistent pain, stiffness and skin complications

Effective Alternatives

Some surgeons suggest less invasive options unless patients have large amounts of loose skin, caused by advanced age or when losing more than 30 percent of their body weight, for example.


The Thermage procedure tightens the knee area and increases production of collagen using radio frequency treatments to heat the dermal tissue.


The Refirme skin tightening procedure uses ELOS technology that combines infrared light energy and bi-polar radio frequency energy to heat the dermal tissue and tighten the skin while increasing collagen.

Infusion Lipolysis

An alternative to liposuction, infusion lipolysis depletes excess fat stored in your adipose cells to deplete their size, resulting in tightened skin.

Helpful Home Treatments

There are three steps you can take each day to reduce the appearance of saggy knees.

First, exfoliate thigh area just above the knee using a stimulating skin brush or a moistened loofah sponge. This will improve your circulation and rev up collagen while sloughing off dead skin particles.

Follow your scrub by applying a peptide-rich moisturizer with Hyaluronic acid to stimulate your body’s natural collagen production while injecting moisture to make your skin supple and firm.

Firm up the area with some targeted fitness to boost the mass of quadriceps muscles along the front of your thighs above your knee caps. Effective exercises to incorporate into your workout include weight-resistance training like lunges, climbing stairs and leg curls.

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