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Is your hair color aging you?

Sometimes it’s not the cut that can make you feel tired and old; rather, it’s the hair color. We constantly change our hairstyles to represent different stages of our life, frequently stopping to consider if the cut is right – but rarely do we consider the idea that our hair color might be aging us as well, and prematurely at that.

Just as a 20 something can rarely pull off the “soccer mom bob”, there comes a time to consider if your hair color is commensurate with your stage in life. When you’re younger, you tend to take more risks and try new things to get a grasp on what makes you “you.” But oftentimes we can get stuck in a rut and what looked good when we were 23 is now making you look weary or worse, that you are trying too hard.

While it may have seemed “fun” to dye your hair jet black in college, that look now can cause you to look considerably older. When your hair is dyed a hair color that differs considerably from your natural skin tone, you may appear to look fake and taut. To maintain a youthful appearance, you want to go for softness, and get as close back to your natural hair color as you can, while still feeling good about yourself!

Oftentimes, women go lighter and lighter as they get older in a mixed attempt to look brighter (read; younger) and also to hide those pesky grey hairs. However, going too light can be just as aging, not to mention damaging, for your hair. There are alternatives to the extremely light hair colors that can make your face look sharp and tight. If you have a lighter skin tone, try toning your hair color down, perhaps starting with an application of lowlights.

If you’re hair is (naturally or not) in the brunette family, you may want to try a softer honey brunette look that matches a more fair toned complexion. The color won’t look so harsh against your hairline when you are pulling your hair back, and in return will appear incredibly soft and gentle around your face when you wear your hair down. Moreover, as you age, the contours of your face change, and contrasting or harsh colors can accentuate wrinkles, dark spots and cast shadows where there shouldn’t be any – or at least where they weren’t a few years ago!

Nowhere is it written that you must be blonde in order to look young; in fact, sometimes even a few highlights would do the trick without going all Marilyn Monroe. The key is to know when to stop. One uniform color (commonly referred to as a single process) is another sure-fire way to age yourself. You need softness and graduated colors to give a look of energy and vibrancy to your hair, and dimensional hair color will let the light bounce off so you will indeed look brighter and more, well, youthful.

The sun kissed look known as ombre has been coming back with a vengeance, and we think it’s the perfect way to halt your hair color from aging you. Ombre is merely highlights on the lower half of your hair while the color of your roots stays the same. You’ll save money in touch ups around your roots, and the look adds a considerable amount of softness to your face and complexion. Steer away from hair colors like black and platinum. Save the bold and dramatic ombre look for rockstars and kids. A sophisticated ombre, with colors actually found in nature is very flattering and can make you appear to be younger and hipper than you really are!

When you’re older, the color of your hair begins to dull – thus many women begin to dye their hair to hide grays and the dreaded roots, which seem to come in earlier and earlier every month. Attempt to get as close to your natural hair color as you possibly can; however, if you do feel inclined to go crazy, and give yourself a “new you,” remember to stick to softness and be amazed at how dramatically younger you will appear.

And of course, don’t forget to use products that are designed to work with processed or older hair. They contain more ingredients to moisturize and nourish the hair, which will help keep you looking, and feeling, more youthful.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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