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Keep your skin glowing and safe from summer swimming damage

Ah, summer. The sun is shining and heating up to around 90 degrees. You have a day off and decide to head to your nearest pool. Swimming every day in the summer is always fun, but it can damage your skin and hair.

We all have the same worry about sun damage when spending time outside or in the pool. But, have you ever considered the damage from chlorine? It’s important to remember that chlorine is a chemical and dehydrating to your skin. Not to mention that the water itself is also dehydrating and removes moisture from your skin. Sun + water + chlorine = dry skin galore! You don’t want flaky patches when you’re trying to show off your gorgeous body at the pool!

To combat dryness and other effects of the pool:

1. Apply a waterproof sunscreen often to protect yourself from sunburn and chlorine sensitivities.

2. Shower immediately after swimming to remove the chlorine and apply a lotion all over for dry skin. You could also try a lotion specifically made for after swimming that neutralizes chlorine. Lotions that contain alpha hydroxyl, lactic or glycolic acids are best. Brands like Cetaphil, Neutrogena Norwegian Formula and Eucerin are great for summer!

3. Try to use a body wash with petrolatum or glycerin. These help moisturize and rehydrate your skin in the shower.

4. When you’re done showering, pat yourself dry and do not rub your skin. This will help maintain more moisture.

5. You can also apply lotion before you swim to help combat the chlorine as well.

6. Be sure to drink a lot of water when you’re outside in hot weather and while swimming. You may feel cool while swimming but you may still be getting dehydrated. Keep a bottle of water in your swim gear at all times.

7. If you plan on being outside at the pool all day, pack a bag with everything you need. Bring extra towels, clothes, sunscreen, water, sunglasses, hats, water goggles, swim cap, snacks and a pain reliever in case you get a headache from the heat.

8. Lastly, pace yourself! Don’t spend too much time in the sun or in the pool to prevent really damaging your skin.

Do you swim often in the summer months? What ways do you combat dryness from swimming? What types of lotions or shower gels do you swear by?

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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