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Tips for growing out short hair

We’ve probably all been there at one time or another.

You make an impulsive decision to chop off your hair and go for a super trendy pixie cut or an edgy asymmetrical style with face framing fringe… only to find yourself regretting it a week or two later when you miss the versatility of your long, flowing locks.

You may not even regret it – after a couple of months, you might just get bored with your short do and want a change.

That’s where the real trouble begins. Unfortunately, when you’re rocking super short hair and you want to change it, all you can really do is patiently wait for it to grow out.

Easier said than done, right?

I know what a painful, frustrating process growing out a short do can be – I don’t think that I allowed anyone to snap a single photo of me for the year or so it took for my hair to grow out from the impulsive pixie I got my sophomore year of college – but there are a few ways to make the experience a little easier so you can still look fabulous while waiting for that length to come in.

Keep It Trimmed

It may sound counter-productive, but getting regular trims is key when you’re growing out a short do. You want the length to come in, but your hair is only going to look shaggy and messy if it’s full of split ends.  Take a trip to your stylist every six to eight weeks and have her trim off just enough to get rid of the dry, damaged ends.  If you keep up with your trims, your new growth will be healthy and look that much better.

Maintain a Shape

When you’re getting your hair trim, make sure your stylist takes the time to maintain a shape for your style.  If you just let your hair grow out to achieve more length, it may not grow evenly and can become bushy and shapeless – in other words, not cute at all.  When you get a trim, your stylist can remove any bulk so your style has a flattering, leveled shape even if it takes over a year to get the length that you want.

Use Styling Products

Short hair may seem easy to maintain, but when you’re growing it out, it can quickly become unruly.  Your hair can take on a mind of its own, with cowlicks and other stray pieces sticking up every which way.  To tame it into submission as it’s growing out, have plenty of styling products on hand to keep it in place. A styling gel like Bumble & Bumble’s BB Gel can help you sculpt your hair into a flattering shape and keep it in a place all day. If your hair’s looking a little poofy, a pomade, paste or wax product like Fatboy Perfect Putty Hair Paste can help remove some of the extra volume for a sleek, streamlined look.

 Play with Accessories

If you’re struggling to find a style that works as your hair grows out, give accessories a try. Headbands are a great option while your hair is experiencing growing pains because they can hold back your bangs and maintain a neater look. They also come in a variety of styles, materials and colors so it’s easy to find one to match any outfit.  If you have small sections of hair that you want to keep in place, decorative clips and bobby pins can help hold them at bay and dress up your look. Just don’t load up on too many at once or your hair may start to look a bit messy and overdone.

Fake It

If you’ve been growing your short do out for a while and have some longer top layers, you may want to fake your way to length.  Clip-in hair extensions make it easy to add temporary length to your hair whenever the mood strikes. Opt for extensions that use real hair instead of synthetic for the most natural look.  It’s also a good idea to take your extensions with you on a trip to the stylist – she can dye them to match your hair exactly and cut your natural hair in a shape that makes it easier to hide the extensions’ clips.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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