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Transform your look with these 4 hair accessories

If you’re like me, you can get tired of wearing your hair in the same old style every single day. Whether it’s up or down nothing really seems to add a bit of flare like a hair accessory. It’s not often that you can get away with wearing a colorful scarf in your hair but oftentimes that’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

When the heat comes rolling through your city, hair can be a demon to tame but hair accessories can be a helping hand when the frizzies spring out of control. Not only do hair accessories give you versatility in your look but they are also practical and can be a lifesaver when you’re in between cuts or growing your locks out. We’ve come up with four essential hair accessories that every girl should be able to don, no matter your hairstyle.

The Headband

While it’s crazy to lump all headbands into the same category, not all headbands are created equal and we believe that some are better than others. Out are the looks of a chunky headband of the 70s that pushed your hair back far too much and gave the illusion of a massive forehead. Today we’re all about the skinny bands, they give a gentle delicate look to your hairstyle and they’re amazing when you’re between shampoos. All you need is a teasing comb and a thin band to place between the crown of your head and the start of your hairline. There’s no way to go wrong with a headband, flowers, chains, ribbons – they’re all creative and fun.

The Barrette

The barrette is essential in any hair wardrobe. When you’re growing out your bangs they’re necessary for pulling back fly-aways or when you’ve declared a bad hair day they’re perfect for adding a touch of sanity to your insane hair. I’m not talking about the “baby clips” of your childhood. Enter into the world of feminine clips that are larger than life. Of course if you need some subtle help in taming a tight bun you’ll want to opt for a neutral colored small clip but if you’re dangerous and daring like we know you are, try something different like a large bow or something with sparkle and glam. You won’t be sorry.

The Rosette

There’s something so feminine and chic about a flower in a woman’s hair and the perfect way is to do a rosette. Rosettes are a perfect addition to a tightly wound bun or loose waves that need a simple pin back. I am the ultimate fan of small or large rosettes but regardless of the size make sure that yours aren’t too flimsy, especially if you’re rocking a thick luxurious hairstyle. The rosette should be able to stand up to your hair and be a standout accessory not a rose petal that’s accidentally fallen into your do, but that sure would be romantic as well!

The Scarf

I don’t want to suggest you hide your prized hairstyle behind a heavy scarf a la a rainy day but we think a thin scarf wrapped around a bun or swept across a side part is feminine and sexy as ever. Scarves are fun not only to get creative in how you wear them but also what they look like. Thicker scarves can be used for longer thicker hair while thin sheer ones are best for short cropped dos. Whatever you’re feeling, the look and pattern of the scarf can be a statement! Get innovative and try wrapping an entire bun in a scarf or intertwine a braid with a thick piece of ribboned scarf.

You and your accessory will be sure to impress no matter how you rock it!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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