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6 things you do that annoy your stylist

Are you and your hair stylist besties? So you share shopping secrets and she’s up on all your workplace gossip, but there’s a possibility that you have a few habits that secretly annoy her. Read on to find out if you’re guilty of any of these salon faux pas.

1. Arriving Late: If you’re running later than five minutes for your appointment, call the salon to see if your stylist can still take you. If they have a full schedule, you are putting them in a tough position. The stylist may need to make the decision to hurry your appointment, or to run behind for the rest of the day. Be respectful of your stylists time and you will both win; you will get the time you deserve for your cut, and your stylist will be happy to give you good service.

2. Picture (Not So) Perfect: You bring in a photo of gorgeous Giselle Bundchen waves when your hair is fine and fried. Behind her stiff smile your stylist is thinking, “it’s a comb not a wand girl!” It’s important to understand your hair type and to have realistic expectations of the results your hair stylist can achieve. Look for pics of models and celebrities that share your hair type. If your hair is fine, take a clue from fine haired celebs like Cameron Diaz and Halle Berry. Curly haired ladies can get hairspiration from stunners like Keri Russell and Alicia Keys.

3. Washed Out: Your stylist isn’t just trying to earn commission when they tell you the importance of a color safe shampoo and conditioner. If you don’t use a shampoo and conditioner that protects your new hair color, you’re washing your gorgeous new color and your money down the drain. Listen to your stylist’s professional advice and invest in a shampoo and conditioner that will preserve your beautiful color.

4. Don’t Ask: You’ve used the same black hair dye for the last ten years and you insist it’s your signature look. Your stylist may nod and even agree with you, but the truth is your stylist may be dying to tell you that it’s time for change. Hair stylists like to be treated like the professionals they are. Consider asking your stylists advice on how your color looks and if there may be a new twist to freshen up your look.

5. Change of Heart: You’re not sure how short you want to go, so you ask your stylist to cut your hair to your shoulders first, and then you’ll decide. Essentially, you’re asking them to give you two haircuts for the price (and time) of one. We get it, a haircut is a big decision however, to give you the look you want, your stylist needs you to be decisive. Search online for a timeline of pictures of celebrities or models with a similar face shape to yours to find the hairstyles you think are most flattering. If you’re still drawn to a style that makes you uneasy, or fearful of making ‘the cut,’ choose one that has a bit more length to it. This way you’ll make the most of the length you have. You can always take it shorter next time . . . and you won’t drive your stylist crazy!

6. Mums the Word: You see your finished hairstyle and want to scream, but instead, you put a smile on your face…and call to complain the next day. As a beauty professional it’s impossible to please everyone, but a good hair stylist welcomes the opportunity to try again. Instead of complaining to the salon manager, try giving your stylist honest feedback and a second chance to give you the look you want.

You know to show up to your appointment on time (hopefully), and you tip 15%, but there may be more to being a good client than these salon basics. Next time you make a date with your stylist, be mindful of bad habits that may drive your stylist crazy and get in the way of a good relationship or from getting the look you want and deserve!


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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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