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Chemical hair straightening

If you’re like me, you may have naturally wavy and frizzy hair and always wanted it to be straight and sleek. When I was younger, my friend’s mom was a hairdresser and discovered a chemical straightening system she could buy and try on my hair. After hours of putting on the products and straightening my hair, my hair stayed straight for months. I was able to dry my hair and not have to straighten it. It was significantly less wavy and frizzy.

With most treatments and in my experience, you put on a pre-treatment, then the treatment and straighten the hair very carefully and extensively and then wash it out the shampoo they give you. Then blow dry as desired.

Now with so many dangers of chemicals, there are different types that do not contain the more harmful chemicals in them. Make sure the one you choose does not have formaldehyde. If you have very damaged hair, you should not use chemical hair straightening.

When your treatment is over, you should avoid washing your hair for about three days to keep your hair smooth and silky. If you wash it too quickly, it will just come out and it will have been a waste. Also try to keep your hair straight. That means no pony tails or clips that would ruin the straight hair follicle. Depending how fast your hair grows, you may have to re-do the treatment every few months or wait up to a year.

In my experience, if you know someone who is good with hair, it will be much cheaper. The box system costs only $20-50 but it can cost hundreds at a salon. You can also get a Brazilian or keratin treatment done at home or at a salon that will be cheaper but will not last as long. Brazilian or keratin treatments do not permanently break your hair’s bonds so your natural hair texture will gradually return much faster. This is a great option however if you want to save money, need your hair done for a special time or occasion or are more afraid of the effects of permanent chemical straightening.

Have you ever tried a chemical straightening system? Did someone do it for you at home or did you get it done at the salon? Did it work for you? Tell us why or why not you have or haven’t had it done!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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