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Minimize muffin tops with i-Lippi

If you can pinch a few inches or more above your waistline, you may be plagued with muffin top when wearing swimwear or slim-fitting skirts, pants and shorts. If you want rapid results without going under the knife, i-Lipo offers a non-invasive treatment that can solve your problem in time for summer. The machine boasts the first FDA approval as an on-skin lipo laser that uses wavelengths to contour while stimulating fat loss. Unlike other products designed for skin tightening and cellulite reduction, i-Lipo goes a slimming step further by actually breaking down fat cells to help you drop pounds and inches, too.

Procedure Particulars
A session typically lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. Treatments are required twice weekly over a period of four weeks and cost approximately $250 each, for a total of investment about $2,000 per area treated. The body can only deal with so much fat removal at once, so treating only one area at a time is recommended.
Before each session, the technician takes a baseline measurement in the target area prior to performing treatment.
After the technician and patient apply protective eyewear, an elastic band is placed on the target area to secure a series of square pads that deliver a low-level laser light that drains toxins from fat cells in the area. The patient will feel a painless, warm pulsating sensation on contact while the machine’s lasers zone into the area, causing then fat cells to dump the dissolved fat out into the bloodstream. When dimpling and cellulite are apparent, an optional vacuum attachment can be used to massage the fibrous bands beneath the skin’s surface to achieve an even smoother appearance. Smaller pads are placed on nearby lymph nodes to steer toxins away from the area.
After the treatment, a second measurement is taken to calculate the immediate results.

Maximizing Results
In an appearance on the program Ricki Lake, celebrity skincare expert Nurse Jamie said that traditional liposuction patients are three times more likely to gain weight post-procedure without lifestyle changes that include proper nutrition and regular physical activity. But unlike the surgical fat-removing procedure that requires plenty of down time for recovery, a workout is a necessary component of your i-Lipo treatments.
Immediately following an i-Lipo session, patients are instructed to carry out between 30 and 45 minutes of cardio exercise, such as a brisk walk, to ensure the treatment’s fat-melting results. If broken-down fat cells aren’t metabolized and flushed from the body within a few hours through lymphatic system excretion caused by exercise, they are reabsorbed by other fat cells.

Expected Outcomes
The benefits of i-Lipo include visible fat loss, improvement in circulation, renewal of skin cells, reduction of cellulite and increased lymphatic drainage.
Client testimonials on the i-Lipo site report dropping a full dress size or as much as 15 pounds after completing eight treatments. One to three inches of loss can be seen after each treatment. According to the manufacturers of iLipo, the average reduction on the waist is 2 centimeters per session.
The only reported side effect for i-Lipo is transient pigmentation spots, occurring on rare occasions in patients with very dark skin types.

Post-Procedure Pointers
Results of i-Lipo treatments can be indefinite so long as you stabilize your calorie intake. Along with a healthy diet, engaging in regular physical activity will ensure you maintain results on a long term basis.

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