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Make the right ch-ch-ch-ch-changes for your makeup for fall and winter

Changes are always hard, no one likes being in that awkward transitional period, not here nor there.This is particularly true when it comes to makeup. There’s makeup for winter, spring, summer and fall, but what are you supposed to do in between? Fall makeup can be tricky – you’re not sure which color foundation to wear, which eyeshadow and lipstick shades will go and when your eye makeup is just too dark and wintry for the day.

As the great David Bowie said, time may change me, but I can’t trace time – however, I can trace these makeup techniques and end up with a makeup palette that is perfect for the ch-ch-ch-ch-changes in the seasons!

…But still the days seem the same…

If you live in the northern region of the country, September and October are confusing – some days it’s as warm and sunny as July, other days you’re pulling out your scarves and boots. Seasonal fashions get even more muddled if you live in the southern region, where there are practically no seasons at all.

In times like these, you might be tempted to wear your favorite summer trends. However, you don’t have to when it’s super easy to update them for fall. Take a favorite trend of yours from the summer – say, neon lipstick – and alter it just slightly for the season. Instead of orange lips, try a berry hue. Same statement, different season!

…Just gonna have to be a different (wo)man…

There will come a day in the fall when you need to switch over some aspects of your makeup entirely. Look out for signs of this in your skin – when your summer concealer or foundation starts leaving a line on your skin (showing your faded tan), it’s time to switch to your winter shades. Your blush, bronzer and lip colors should follow suit. You can also use this time as a marker that you can start busting out your dark smokey eyes.

If your skin is generally the same color all year round, gradually incorporate some of your favorite fall and winter trends into your makeup regimen, but always wear just one at a time with either neutral makeup or a summer trend. Fall is all about neutral, earthy shades anyway, so the switch will look natural if you do it slowly. By the time you’re wearing a sweater daily, your makeup bag will be totally up to speed, too!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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