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Morning hair styling tips for moms on the go

If there’s any woman out there that’s busy, it’s the busy mom! Between shuffling the kids to and from school, running errands, work and trying to keep it all together, taking care of your hair can be the last thing on your mind. We’ve got a few tips for you and your locks on how to stay stylish when you’re a busy mom on the go.

Get a Low Maintenance Cut

First thing’s first, visit your hairstylist and get a low maintenance hair cut. This doesn’t mean you have to chop your hair off into a short bob either; there are plenty of medium-length hairstyles that are also easy to maintain. Just forgo a cut that has lots of layers which requires plenty of styling to look good everyday. If you aren’t sure what it is you’d like, chat with your stylist about some sassy styles that will require little to no maintenance and look right for your face shape.

Try a Top Knot

Top knots may be a trendy hairstyle right now, but they were practically invented for moms on the go! They’re sassy, keep your hair out of your face and require mere minutes to put together. For a quick top knot, all you’ll need is two hair ties, a few bobby pins and a chignon hair foundation. Don’t worry if your hair bun ends up a little messy, this look isn’t about being perfectly polished.

 Worship Dry Shampoo

If you’re pressed for time or merely don’t have the patience to wash and dry your hair as often as you may need to, it’s time to make dry shampoo your best friend. A great dry shampoo will help soak up excess oil in your roots and refresh your hair, making that blowout last through another day. 

Experiment with Ponytails

We know, ponytails can feel a little “momish” and stale at times. But there are so many great new ponytail styles to try that they can still be a chic, quick and easy fix for your hair! Next time you’re in a pinch for time, try a variation on your regular ponytail with a low side ponytail. A sleeked back look is also stylish and great if you’re working with second-day hair. Just run some shine serum through your strands and finish with a great strong-hold hairspray.



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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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