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Must have hair accessories for fall

There’s a nip in the air, and school buses are starting to appear, which means it’s time to think about your fall hair styling choices. Maybe you chose to go with a new cut or color for the fall months, or maybe you want to hold on to lazy summer styles as long as you can. Whatever your mood or style choice, you can incorporate some of this seasons adorable hair accessories into your hair routine to liven up what you’ve got without making a big style or budget commitment.

Hats are back!
Hats are back in a big way and they are a great way to show your personality and even showcase your locks. Fedoras never go out of style, and saucy chapeaus can take your look from OK to awesome in a matter of seconds. When thinking about the color and fabric of the hat you want, keep your hair color and skin tone in mind. Pale skin and light locks will look softer and more vibrant with hat in muted neutrals like grey and light brown. Hat’s in stark colors like black and charcoal can overwhelm lighter coloring. Beanie hats are a fun and flirty way to accessorize your look in a more casual way. A big side bonus about wearing a cute hat is that it’s perfect for hiding a bad hair day or covering up dirty, oily hair when you’ve run out of  or overused your dry shampoo! Checkout my article dedicated to stylish hats that are hot this season

Wide headbands make for bold statements!

If hats are too strong a statement for your look this season, there are some wonderful accessories from clips to headbands that do double duty. Look for wide (1″ to 2″) headbands in bright tribal prints to make a bold impression. Wide headbands are great for keeping stray hairs out of your face while exercising, and they also pinch hit if you are at that in-between stage of growing out a haircut or bangs.

Narrow headbands for a softer appeal!

If your features are more delicate or you are petite, don’t let your hair or hair accessories overwhelm your look. Thinner headbands in lighter weight materials may look better on you. Metallics and jewel toned headbands are still on trend, so look for shiny wires and sparkly hued  bands to get the same styling options in a size that works.

Banana clips do double duty!

Banana clips are so practical, from holding hair back while washing your face to keeping your hair up and back while running a marathon. Thankfully you can find banana clips that are stylized to make your hairstyle look glamorous and intentional. This season look for clips with rhinestones and glitter to add some sparkle to your look. A large banana clip can make a statement on its own, but also try smaller ones to pin back a few select pieces of hair for a casual but sophisticated half up-do.

Ponytail wraps with bling!

If you live your life in ponytails (and who doesn’t really!) swap out your basic hair tie for a more exciting one. Bright colors or sparkly gems can wake up your hairstyle, and let’s face it, when your hair looks good, you automatically have a good day!

No matter your size or style, don’t forget that the best hair accessory is healthy, shiny hair. Summer sun and harsh chemicals can be hard on hair. If you haven’t had a trim lately or your color is looking washed out, make an appointment with your hair stylist to get back in the game!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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