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Save money! Do your own mani!

Doing your own mani at home? While I love going to the salon, sometimes it’s nice to touch up your nails yourself from time to time. And with the right products, you can get a salon-like manicure or pedicure, right at home. Make sure your beauty bag is stashed with these nail care must-haves.

4-Sided Buffer

A 4-way buffer, which you can pick up at your local beauty supply or drugstore, smoothes and files your nails. The buffing action actually increases blood flow to the fingertips, stimulating nail growth. And, of course, makes them look smoother and shinier so your polish goes on even better.

Cuticle Care

Cuticle care is an absolute must when taking care of your nails. Stock some cuticle remover solution, which should be used every 10 to 14 days, and nip those cuticles away with a metal cuticle pusher and cuticle nipper tool. A metal cuticle pusher (vs.the traditional orangewood stick) is far more hygienic as it can be cleaned and reused. While an orangewood stick is more budget-friendly, keep in mind they cannot be properly disinfected.

In between your bi-weekly cuticle maintenance, you should use some cuticle oil to nourish the nails daily. It’s totally O.K. to apply cuticle oil over your nail polish and will actually help keep your color from chipping while hydrating your nails. Make it a habit to add this to your nightly beauty routine!

Glass Nail File

For the perfect mani or pedi, every woman needs a great nail file. Which is why it’s time for you to chuck the traditional emery board and replace it with a glass nail file. Glass files (also known as crystal nail files) help prevent nail chipping and peeling. They won’t wear down like a traditional nail file which needs to be frequently replaced and glass files seal the keratin layers at the edge of the nail. Consider it a worthwhile investment since this tool can also easily be sanitized and sterilized.

Great Base and Top Coat

At-home manicure and pedicures is all about the perfect foundation and finish. Luckily for this, there are options galore! Essie 3-Way Glaze is a great base coat, top coat and nail strengthener, too, which is great if you are looking for an all-in-one formula. Creative Nail Design Super Shiney Top Coat is a beauty blogger fave for its high-shine finish. It also has a slight pink tint to it since it acts as a UV absorber to prevent fading.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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