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2013 Fall Hair Color Trends

Fall 2013 hair color trends showcase some big, bold colors, keeping in tune with the ruby, yellow, orange, and amber leaves of fall. Whether you’re looking for a new hair style to shake up your look or want to brighten up your current shade just a hint, try these fall colors to be on trend with your style this fall. While it is possible to dye your hair at home, if you’re planning to bleach your hair or change your look dramatically, it’s safer in the long run to see a hair stylist.

Ombre Hues

The ombre look is not new . . . it’s enjoyed a few seasons of glory, but it’s still forecast to be on trend this fall, celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham notes. Celebs are requesting some interesting ombre shades, with brown hair tinged to whimsical hues of pink or purple on the ends instead of bleached blonde. While those styles may not be safe for work, the classic ombre of brunette to lighter brunette or blonde is office friendly and on trend for this autumn. Lily Aldridge showcases ombre tones in a manner that is sophisticated, so take inspiration from her look if you want to go ombre this fall.

Cocoa Highlights

Another dark-hair trend that works for fall, is adding richness and dimension to dark hair. Think rich cocoa or mahogany strands that catch the light and add depth and shimmer to your natural tones. Celeb inspiration here includes Liv Tyler. One bonus for going dark this season; dark hair reflects light back, so it can make your strands seem super shiny.

Golden and Ash Blondes

Forget the platinum hues of GaGa this fall, natural blonde tones are moving into the light. Key words to tell your stylist include warm, gold, caramel, or honey. A good celeb to emulate here is Heidi Klum. To achieve a natural looking golden blonde, you’ve got to pick up hues that flatter your true hair color and complement your skin color, while accenting warm hues in your mane.

If you have naturally cool skin, going golden blonde will only make you appear washed out. Luckily for cool toned women, ash blonde is also having a moment this fall. Celebs partial to ash blonde tones include Julianne Hough and Taylor Swift.

Copper Top

Red hues are on trend for ladies who want their look to be big, bright, and bold this fall. Celebs like Emma Stone and Florence Welch have rich copper hair, while the RiRi’s blonde is still making waves. As with other hair hues, look for a color that flatters your natural undertones. If your skin has cool undertones, an eggplant or amber shade will work better than copper or burgundy. The reverse is likewise true if you have warm undertones.

These looks represent just a few of the fun hair colors on trend for autumn. Have you experimented with any of these hair colors, or are you planning to this fall? What hair color trends are you hoping to see more of?

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Lauren Stewart
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