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6 simple ways to avoid oily hair

We’ve all felt the pain of almost-greasy hair between showers. Washing your hair isn’t the only answer though, there are plenty of ways to avoid oily hair and hide the oily look between shampoos. These 6 tips will keep your hair shining, in a GOOD way.

Shampooing too often can actually be a principle cause of your oily hair. But, if you absolutely can’t go without washing your hair every day, the answer to your oil problems may be a counter-intuitive one. Though it might seem like conditioning products would make hair extra oily, if you don’t condition, your scalp will respond by producing even more of its natural oils to combat dryness. Keep your hair healthy by using conditioner every time you shampoo, and don’t forget to use deep conditioning treatments if you’re addicted to blow-drying, flat -irons, curling irons or hot rollers.

Keep conditioning products away from the scalp
Having oily hair doesn’t mean you need to abandon your favorite oils and conditioning products. It will make a big difference though, if you are applying those products too close to your roots. If you’re using a cream, serum, or oil, focus on applying product only on the ends and mid-shaft of the hair. If you avoid your scalp, the difference in the product’s effectiveness won’t be noticeable, and your hair won’t become as oily.

Switch up your pillowcase
Sleep experts say that there are plenty of benefits to using silk pillowcases. Yet, unlike their cotton counterparts, silk pillowcases are less likely to interfere with your hairs natural state and create extra oil buildup. Messy hair means more hair products before work in the morning, and more products means more oil. Avoid oily hair by substituting cotton pillow cases for silk, your hair will thank you.

Try hair powder
Don’t have time to wash your hair? There are tons of powders, for all hair colors, that you can apply on the go, to soak up oil. Most of them you can spray on directly and are small enough to keep in your handbag for several applications. To avoid over-use and build-up, spray at the roots on oily areas only, and be sure to brush hair through. If you haven’t used a hair powder before, it can be a weird sensation, but it’s effective at tackling oil buildup.

Clarifying shampoo to get rid of product buildup
Using a clarifying, or cleansing shampoo, once a week makes a huge difference in removing chemicals and oily products from your hair and scalp. Even your regular shampoo can leave a residual coating on your hair, weighing it down and creating an oily appearance. Additional products like frizz-reducing and volumizing creams, sprays, and serums can all contribute to leaving gunk in your hair. Remove that residue with a weekly cleansing shampoo to increase natural, oil-free shine.

Embrace your natural texture
Possibly the easiest trick of all is to let your hair do its thing. If you normally blow dry or straighten your hair, give it a chance to show its natural texture instead. Retire extra heat styling, put down the creams, mousses, gels, and all the other products that make your hair look greasier than it actually is, and let your hair take its natural course. If it’s summer, let your hair hang dry. Your hair will appreciate the break and you might just find a new bo-ho chic look you never knew you had! Plus, think of all the time and money you’ll save on all those styling products.

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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