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Do I need to shampoo daily?

Do you shampoo every day? Do you worry about dirty and greasy hair? Chances are you may be shampooing much more than you need to. This not only results in unhealthy hair but you also waste money buying way too many hair products. It does depend on your hair type and how you style your hair. Some people argue that you don’t need to wash your hair every day, every week or even ever! Depending on your hair type, lifestyle and thoughts on the matter, make a choice that works best for you and your gorgeous locks.

Most hairstylists and dermatologists agree that most women do not need to shampoo daily. The longer, thicker, curlier or more processed your hair is the less you need to wash it. If you hair gets very dry, washing it less often is ideal shampoo often strips your hair of its natural oils. You only need to wash your hair daily if your hair is excessively oily and gets greasy very easily. Dry shampoos are very common and effective these days, making it possible for anyone to skip a day of shampooing even if you did not in the past. You can even use baby powder or talcum powder for a quick and cheap way to soak up any natural oils that cause the greasy hair look.

Your best bet for healthy locks is to shampoo every 2 to 5 days depending on your hair type. Often people with straight and thin hair have oily hair that needs washed more often. But those with curly hair sometimes can go a month without shampooing as long as they condition or co-wash at least weekly to maintain moisture and maintain the curls.

What type of shampoo is best? People often associate a shampoo’s lather with cleanliness but they  are actually created by harsh sulfates which are not necessary for cleansing the scalp and often dehydrate the hair. If you wash your hair every day with these types of shampoos, it will actually be harder to manage and style because it leads to build up, makes hair look dull and limp. The best shampoos are sulfate free cleansers with more natural ingredients that will give you less residue. Remember to also check your hair styling products that may cause your hair to become greasy and oily too quickly. Choosing cheap products or ones that are not manufactured for your hair type can make your hair greasy.

Some people even argue you should never wash your hair with conventional shampoos and conditioners. You can use a baking soda and water mixture, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and even beer to naturally cleanse your hair. Baking soda and water is great for shampooing your hair and apple cider vinegar is a natural conditioner and makes your hair extra shiny. If when using, your hair becomes too frizzy, cut back on the baking soda. If it becomes too greasy, cut back on the apple cider vinegar. Many people claim that quitting shampoo is the best thing they’ve done for their hair. For several weeks your hair may become very greasy and oily, but after the initial few weeks, the oil production in your scalp regulates without daily washing with chemicals and looks even better than before.

Tell us, do you shampoo every day? What shampoos do you use? Do you change your products based on your activities or the season? Would you be brave enough to try quitting washing your hair altogether? Tell us your thoughts!

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Lauren Stewart
By: Lauren Stewart

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