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How to care for your hair extensions

Hair extensions are the ultimate way of changing up your style and you’ll look fabulous ONLY when they look fabulous! Hair extensions require different upkeep from your normal day to day hair care routine. The right care will keep them looking great and expand their life, so you can use them over and over again for years to come. Whether your hair extensions are made from synthetic or human hair, follow these hair extension care tips to keep your locks looking their best!

Human Hair Extensions

Be extra gentle– Be extra gentle with your hair when wearing hair extensions. At night braid your locks to prevent hair extensions from tangling or falling out while you sleep. Also a silk/satin pillow case or sleeping cap helps to keep friction to a minimum and your hair in place. Finger comb your hair first thing in the morning before using a brush. Start at the ends and work your way up. When combing through extensions, press and hold the root area tight to the head to avoid pulling the hair out. Being gentle when combing and brushing your extensions is vital for preventing you from losing hair or having hair breakage.

Shampoo – Shampoo when necessary, but remember less is more. Your hair extensions don’t get the natural oils from your scalp which normally helps to condition your natural strands. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner like PureOlogy Hydrate or Aveeno Pure Renewal to keep hair clean and hydrated. Use lukewarm water and avoid roughly massaging the hair when lathering. Gently massage the scalp in-between the extensions, and simply squeeze the shampoo through the ends. Rubbing the strands together can cause extension hair to loosen from the weft.

Condition – Conditioning your hair regularly is crucial for the life of your hair extensions. Condition your hair after each shampoo using a moisturizing conditioner. Once every week or two, use a deep conditioner for extra strength, moisture and shine. Use moderate heat with the deep conditioner to help it penetrate the hair deeply.

Styling – Whenever possible, allow your hair to air dry. Heat is your hair extensions biggest enemy. If you must speed things up with a blow dryer, use the lowest heat setting. Similarly, avoid styling with flat irons or curling irons. Steam rollers are a better option than curling irons or flat irons, for human hair extensions. If you do use heat tools, start with a thermal protectant spray. Be sure to use as little product as necessary to avoid build up, and avoid products that contain alcohol which dry the hair.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Daily care – Just like with human hair extensions, it’s important to be gentle with synthetics to preserve their life span. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently work through any tangles.

Shampoo – Look for a shampoo specially formulated for synthetic hair extensions. Wet the hair in warm water and apply the shampoo. Be gentle and squeeze the shampoo through the strands rather than massaging it through, to avoid creating tangles. Rinse and pat dry.

Condition – Use a leave-in conditioning spray that is made specifically for synthetic hair extensions. This will give your hair extensions shine and help with detangling the hair. Allow hair extensions to air-dry before combing through. Start at the bottom with a wide tooth comb and work your way up.Styling – Do not use heat tools like hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons. Although some brands may allow you to use a very low heat, if you are not careful it will melt the synthetic hair. A better option would be to set wet synthetic extensions with regular rollers and let them air dry.

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